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Sep 15, 2015 7:11 AM ET

Archived: Kashing!: a secure, affordable and easy to use payment solution for the small businesses

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 15, 2015




The Idea


Kashing! offers merchants a quick and hassle free way to process payments wherever they are, whatever they do.

The smaller merchant has long remained underserved by the payments industry, even treated as a small portion of UK businesses that don’t necessitate the most current payments technology. Kashing! addresses this market gap in order to keep the grass roots economy alive. With over 5 million sole traders registered in the UK in 2014 and well over half of transactions going cashless, we believe merchants need to find a secure-by-design integrated solution to transform their business, and that’s where Kashing! fits in.

Kashing! Fast Facts

  • March 2014 – Incorporated
  • Oct 2014 – PCI DSS Level 1 certification
  • Dec 2014 – FCA approved
  • June 2015 – Technology development complete and went live and on-boarded our 1st micro-merchant
  • August 2015 – through our partnership with NVG we have signed up 500 merchants and facilitated more than £2.1m transactions

The technology development for Kashing! was completed in June 2015, and within the first month we have signed up an impressive 300 merchants; from Cash converter who have 239 stores nationwide to independent Bed & Breakfast owners where our solution has transformed their business. Kashing! now has its sights set on becoming the UK’s leading all-in-one payments provider for micro merchants and sole traders. At present, Kashing! has more than 500 merchantsand has facilitated more than £2.1 million worth of transactions since going live.


Kashing! offers investors the opportunity to capitalise on the future success of sole traders and micro-entrepreneurs in the UK. Kashing! equips the British micro-merchant with the technology to accept payments online, face to face, via mobile, and on the phone, and the potential to digitally transform their business.

For consumers, we believe Kashing! takes away the pain of insecure payments and replaces it with convenience. Mobile payments replaces the current, cumbersome process of requesting a bill, waiting and waiting some more for the card terminal and then, finally, a receipt. Detailed billing means that consumers can easily pay for just the items billed or  pay a percentage of the bill.

For merchants, Kashing! provides the technology to accept payments that we believe are secure, hassle free and convenient. Kashing! facilitates all types of payments by setting up payment policy taking deposits, split payments, recurring billing, as well as quick and frictionless account set up, it also provides enhanced fraud detection and prevention methods.

With Kashing! merchants can gain access to detailed information about spending patterns and preferences of customers, allowing it to enhance its customers’ payment experience.

How Kashing helps small business owners:

Bob has opened a B&B, but he now needs to enable his business to take bookings online securely, including a deposit and with an option to charge the customer on checkout. His first stop is to visit the bank , stand in a queue, open an account, fill in some forms, wait….., then apply for a point of sale device, wait some more…., make sure his security is up to scratch, then find another provider for his e-commerce, fill out more forms, then… that’s where we come in. 

With Kashing Bob can open an account online that is quick and frictionless. Following 4 easy steps, Bob can complete the sign-up process; select the mobile services required (e-commerce, Chip&Pin, MOTO and mobiles app), complete the verification process and start accepting customer payments.  We offer a ‘Pay-as-you-go’ option for Bob, meaning hedoes not have to enter into lengthy contracts. For less than 20 transactions a month, Bob pays £10 and 2.5% transaction fee. We provide a compliant and secure all-in-one solution for payments everywhere, because the last thing Bob need to worry about is accepting secure payments. Kashing! empowers Bob to accept digital payments anywhere, however his customers want to pay. 



This hotly tipped new business started as a group of professional kindred spirits seizing an opportunity to make a real difference in the payments world. The established Kashing! management team has decades of experience – in banking, security and fintech.

Their experiences was acknowledged as Kashing received FCA approval and PCI (security standards) Level One compliance.


Contact Information:

Karen Rossouw
Gert Horne
Helga Punt

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