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Sep 15, 2015 1:26 PM ET

Entrii – The Ultimate African Entrepreneurship Platform

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 15, 2015


The Ultimate African Entrepreneurship Platform

Entrii is the only app platform for all student start-ups
in South Africa to network and grow their startup ideas any time.


In South Africa, most startups fail, and many of these entrepreneurs take this failure as a sign of weakness and do not grow or try something new. It has become apparent that many of these startups don’t necessarily fail because of a lack of funds or skills, they fail because the entrepreneurs themselves have very little access to advice and experience about their respective fields of business, and are afraid of failure, and learning from their failure. We at Entrii aim to change that.

Entrii is aimed at entrepreneurs in South Africa who would like to have an opportunity to interact with other entrepreneurs, investors, and consumers, anytime, anywhere. TRANSPARENCY and POSITIVE CRITIQUE are absolutely necessary for entrepreneurs to develop and sell their ideas, and thus Entrii aims to shift the mindset of people keeping their ideas to themselves and never implementing them.

Entrii works as follows:

  1. The Pitch– Pitch an idea or comment on other people’s entrepreneurial ideas, and if people like your pitches and comments, you earn points, increase your ranking from beginner, to innovator, to investor, to master.
  2. The Event- If you get enough points, you are eligible to pitch your idea in front of a live audience and investors at a local entrepreneurship event in a South African city (T’s and C’s apply)
  3. The Session– You can then pay a small fee to have a Skype session with a well-known successful South African entrepreneur
  4. The Market– You can then use Entrii to promote or sell or purchase those products or services that have gone through all three previous steps.
  5. The Matchmaker– Entrii aims to collate the best entrepreneurial resources available online into one unique platform so that Entrii becomes the go-to station for all entrepreneur/startups in South Africa, and will link and thread the sources of finance, investors, entrepreneurs, articles, videos, pitches, and events, all into the website, all while match-making, and providing a market for entrepreneurs to sell their product/service directly to the masses

Entrii will be available as a website online on Entrii.com, wherein ideas are pitched, partnerships are made, investors are found, and where the common entrepreneur can seek advice for any and every problem in their startup. This will then be an app on Android and iPhones.

Yes, many people are afraid of their ideas being stolen, but never fear! Entrii has designed a system of fail-safes that discourage idea theft, and encourage interaction:

– Character limits to idea pitches keep pitches short and to the point, and also keep people from divulging too much
– Screenshots and copy-paste functionality will be blocked on this platform
– Timestamps will keep people’s ideas locked in so that their dates can be tracked
– Login will involve using Facebook or LinkedIn for account verification, or a personal email with verification of name and surname.

Entrii aims to generate revenue in a number of ways:

– Market commission- after an entrepreneur has proven they can share and discuss ideas in a positive manner, their fellow entrepreneurs will have voted for them to be able to sell their product/service on the Entrii market place. Entrii will take a small commission from all products sold there.

– Content aggregation and targeted advertising- we promise to only advertise relevant information that is in line with the topics being discussed the most by our users! Premium members (such as Thundafund donors) will not be advertised to after the platform gains traction.

– In-app purchases- options to unlock extra features on Entrii that could help fast-track the business ideation process will be available.

The Entrii team can’t do this alone- in order to be successful, we need YOU! Because Entrii is a community project aimed at bringing entrepreneurs together, Entrii seeks to raise the funds for its launch through the community!

The founders of Entrii are all passionate about entrepreneurship, and see entrepreneurship and start-ups as the key to unlocking opportunities in Africa. We are the solution to our problems, and every opportunity we have to promote and grow entrepreneurship, we should take!


Milestone 1 –  R10 000
The Tipping Point – If we reach this, our project is A-go!
Because the Entrii team has coders, this would be enough to help launch the very first version of the app online and help us learn more about what you would like to see on our app.

Milestone 2 – R30 000
This would help to launch the web app as well as Android app by as early as next year.

If we get more resources, we will be able to activate more marketing and awareness for this app after it has launched, so as to help more entrepreneurs to find their way. We all get discouraged as entrepreneurs sometimes, and so helping each other can really be beneficial. This will also allow for a launch event to be held for Entrii, to which all our investors (such as yourself!) will be invited!

Milestone 3 – R100 000
This will be enough to build and launch a web app, Android app, and iPhone app, all professionally. This would also allow you, our investor, to see the effectiveness of your investment as quickly as possible!

Help us to connect student start-ups & young entrepreneurs across SA with Entrii
Buy Rewards and share the crowdfunding campaign: www.thundafund.com/Entrii


Contact Information:

Rama Afullo

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