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Archived: Copier How To: a unique company focusing on the end users and key administrators of photocopiers and multi-function devices

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Copier How To is a unique company focusing on the end users and key administrators of photocopiers and multi-function devices. Started by a former Client Trainer from one of the top copier manufacturers, the main products Copier How To will sell are simple, step by step cheat sheets for common and complex tasks people need to perform using the copiers in their office. Model-specific with large screenshots, these cheat sheets are far more intuitive than anything found in user manuals, and focus on workflows rather than a specific feature, since many tasks require several features or steps. The cheat sheets also include a Tips & Tricks section that may inform users of what not to do, something that is sorely lacking from user manuals, as well as instructions that may relate to the software they are using or the file they have created, rather than just the copier/printer feature they need to complete the task.
Funding will be used for website development, SEO, purchase/rental of equipment from the various manufacturers. Since manufacturers build their devices with the same screen/panel across their entire lineup of copiers, one low-end device will suffice, minimizing the equipment needed.
Revenue sources will initially be limited to the cheat sheet downloads, but as the company grows, and we develop our database of customer questions and download trends, we will be in a position to consult for the manufacturers, as well as develop partnerships with them for the use of the cheat sheets and creation of training materials. Industry-specific advertising revenue will also increase as the company increases its web presence. Another potential revenue stream will come from copier dealerships and resellers that cannot afford to provide much in the way of training and support for their clients. Stickers with the company info can be placed on the devices they sell in exchange for a percentage of the download revenue.
Further details and samples available upon request.

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Cheat Sheets

The copyrighted cheat sheets created by Copier How To are more complete, intuitive, and easier to use by even the most basic user. They not only give step by step instructions with relevant screen shots, but also give users Tips & Tricks that are seldom found in user manuals. The cheat sheets are model/series specific, unlike any instructions found on You Tube or a Google search. Manufacturer manuals and instruction materials can often be cumbersome and overwhelming for basic users, as well as inadequate when it comes to preventing the most common users errors. When it comes to training materials, it’s not only important to know what to do, but also what not to do.

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