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Sep 14, 2015 12:31 PM ET Building happy teams, one task at a time

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 14, 2015

Building happy teams, one task at a time.

The easiest and most engaging social task management app for teams.

Become a shareholder in a pioneering Social Task Management app is a fully functioning task management app that was soft launched in beta in May 2015. We have a growing user base, with enough users to validate the product and data to test new features.

Our vision is to be pioneers in Social Task Management (STM); We aim to improve employee job satisfaction and overall team productivity. Our mission is to not only improve a team’s productivity but also the quality of their communication. We want to impact office culture and stimulate happier work environments, to encourage teams to celebrate progress together and to acknowledge and validate each other’s achievements.

We are doing research and development in collaboration with SINTEF, Scandinavia’s largest independent research organisation, and a group of pilot partner organisations in the private and public sector. This R&D is all targeted towards delivering a product that will fit user needs, impact how engaged teams feel with the work they’re doing and be unique in the marketplace.

Tasks overview for a project in
Tasks overview for a project in

Which problem are we solving?

Teams are still using emails, spreadsheets, documents to plan and organise projects which leads to a lack of overview of who’s doing what and when. Learning to use a new tool is not only time consuming but also a big risk if it doesn’t fit with the entire team. Our research tells us that teams find traditional task management solutions “boring”, lacking a “human” or social element, leading to further onboarding and retention challenges. Employees feel underappreciated for “wins”.

Open a task and grasp all its details.
Open a task and grasp all its details.

Our solution’s strongest feature is its visually oriented, intuitive user interface, giving team members an overview on who is doing what and when, updated in real time. Team members can set deadlines, delegate, upload attachments and comment on each task. Its responsive design means it supports any screen size. It is currently integrated with Slack and available on the Chrome Web Store as a standalone app for the desktop. Our first “social” feature, the High Five button, will be released early September.’s design focus is on two things – being effortlessly easy to use and integrate with your team; and being super engaging. Our attractive but minimalistic user interface gives priority to the user’s content, we want them to focus on the the task at hand and empower them to make progress with their team. From the first moment of sign up, we want the user to float through the onboarding process as smoothly as possible and start getting value from the tool. The bright colour scheme fits with our vision of being inspiring and fun to use, with a user experience that feels easy and simple. We put effort into small details like animation that aid usability, meaning that we look and feel different to competitor’s duller, more static solutions.


Use of funds

New funds will be put to work in 5 areas:

  • Launch payment solution
  • Integrate with Google for Work
  • Develop features solving user needs
  • Move further into social task management
  • Set up & implement sales & marketing strategy


Contact Information:

Lasse Søberg
Terje Torma

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