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Sep 14, 2015 10:50 AM ET

Archived: ornare: International fashion accessories brand distinctive in product, store design and customer service

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 14, 2015






ORNARE, “una scelta di moda”, is a fashion accessories brand focused on the concept of “fashion for value”, representing an added value for every woman’s wardrobe in the fast fashion market: a fashion statement for trendy and neo-classic women.

We present a consistent and homogeneous collection, in terms of quality and pricing, with a practical sense of fashion driven by the customer demand and complemented with distinctive advantages of store design and customer experience that position the brand in the soft premium segment.

Our product offer covers handbags, jewellery, footwear, textile and non-textile accessories, an offer design in a fashion look conception of the customer.
Main distribution channel are bricks and mortar in several countries in the world, through own operations and master franchising agreements. Wholesale, digital market places and e-commerce will complement the distribution strategy.


ORNARE is focusing on trendy and new-classic women from a medium and medium-high segments, with ages 20-45, that assume a fashion statement on their daily wardrobe.

We differentiate from others with an offer based on a fast-fashion strategy (for the pre-season and in-season design and production), aligned with the customer driven demand, with a consistent offer in terms of quality and pricing – for instance, offering genuine leather fashion products at a price that will be competitive towards other brands.

In terms of store design and customer service, we provide care and a perception of premium service that, not being directly reflected on the price, will captivate and retain customers for a long term relationship with the brand.

Major differentiation from the 3 types of competitors in the same market:

1) ORNARE is not a direct competitor of brands such as Furla, Tous, Bimba & Lola, but its product has a similar quality and owned design. Brand awareness is making the difference, but once the customer understands the product and the pricing strategy, we will acquire some of their customers, because at an affordable price they can buy more frequently on the same product and quality segment;

2) ORNARE is not competing with price-focus retailers such as Primark, Claires and other low-cost department stores: our product exposition and store layout don’t fit a supermarket shelf strategy, it is oriented by our understanding of the trends and of what our customer is looking for;

3) Business units of H&M, or Mango Touch could be addressing the same customer, but when their primary focus is clothing, customers will always compare the price of accessories with the price of their new shirt; by rationalizing at the checkout, they rather acquire their accessories in a dedicated fashion store, where the comparison with the price of an outfit is not established by visual elements.



Ornare S.A. was created in late 2014. It’s owned by investors from Portugal and Malta. This is its third round of investment raising and, in parallel, shareholders are making additional investment to keep the store opening pace.
The Company is about to secure European Funds of more than €300k, for internationalization and qualification strategy.

ORNARE had its SS15 collection design and production back in December and opened 3 stores in Portugal in late March and following weeks. ORNARE is negotiating 9 franchising contracts to expand within the country and is negotiating a master franchise agreement to Singapore. We have plans in 2016 to open operations in Spain and, at least, one master franchise agreement overseas.

The Company is selling online (www.ornarefashion.com) and in digital market place Westrags; there are negotiations with ASOS and Amazon entry is awaiting clearance approval.
The plan is to open 50 stores in 6 countries in the next five years.





ORNARE’s business model is all about scale and brand awareness.
Its own capital is allowing the company to design and manufacture the next fashion collection, to keep a sustainable store opening pace and to get more visibility for the general public with marketing and communication strategy.

Besides the own capital and directors’ loans, ORNARE will secure, in the next few weeks, a funding from European Union of more than €300,000 in the next two years, to invest on marketing, qualification and internationalization processes.

The investment raised with Seeds will be used to accelerate these actions with four new store openings in prime locations (€150,000), marketing and PR budget (€50,000) and the preparation of the internationalization process (€100,000), including stores overseas.

Contact Information:

Bruno Cortes
Joana Pereira
Luís Brito

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