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Sep 14, 2015 12:12 PM ET

Archived: Omnivore Limone – for seafood, poultry and vegetables! : Bring the flavors of Sicilian tradition into your home kitchen with Angelo’s newest creation – a zesty and herbaceous seasoning!

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 14, 2015

Hello Kickstarter!

My name is Angelo, and I’m the founder of Omnivore! 

At the end of 2013, thanks to the support of thousands of Kickstarter contributors, we were able to fund our company, and launch our first product, Omnivore Salt, a versatile spiced salt blend defined by Alice Waters as “indispensable”. Within a few months, we shared with you Sicilia a unique condiment sauce, handcrafted and locally made in micro-batches.

At Omnivore, our mission is to inspire a change in production practices and a new relationship with food. We are reaching a new awareness about our food supply, but many of the choices in the market are still produced in large-scale, using highly processed ingredients to prioritize profit over quality. 

We create nutrient-packed cooking products, only crafted in small batches to ensure the best flavor and the highest quality. Our ingredients are 100% organic, and when possible, locally sourced—we are inspired by our grandmothers’ sensitivity and respect for nature’s bounty, not by food trends.

We believe that cooking should be rewarding and simple—all our blends will enhance the natural flavors of your ingredients, and are easy to use across any type of cuisine.

Cooking is an act of love, and we want to inspire you to do more of it.

It is time to grow and connect with more of you!

Thanks to the enthusiastic support of our Kickstarters backers and many loyal customers, Omnivore Salt and Sicilia are available online and in a small network of specialty stores. But our aspirations are greater! We want to grow our company, and share our products and message with a larger audience. In order to do this, we need a wider line of products that will appeal to national distributors. 

For months, we’ve been experimenting with new blends, testing them in hundreds of recipes, and adjusting each ingredient until the balance was perfect. Now we are ready to present the first of a new series of artisanal seasonings, OMNIVORE LIMONE, a zesty and herbal salt blend that will bring out the best flavors of seafood and poultry!

Why Limone?

Limone is inspired by my heritage, and is a tribute to one of the most versatile ingredients in Mediterranean cuisine, the lemon. 

I grew up on a citrus grove in Sicily, living by the seasons, cooking, pickling, hunting, and preserving. The women of my family passed down recipes from generation to generation. They taught me the value of timeless quality and great flavors—how to create simple seasonings that do not compete with food, but rather improve it. 

While foraging as a child, I learned the wonder of herbs—when mixed with salt, they give character to your food and make your cooking simple!

Meet the new Omnivore Limone!

Limone is a mix of of locally harvested natural sea salt and lemon zest, dill, ginger, parsley, garlic, fennel and black pepper.

Enhancing the most subtle flavors of seafood and poultry, Omnivore Limone creates a delicate and unique experience for the palate.

It is made using only 100% organic, GMO FREEOU Kosher, SQF and HACCP Certified herbs and spices. More than 50% of our ingredients are Fair Trade Certified and our salt is pure—NO flowing agents, minerals or anti-cacking agents are added.

Omnivore Limone is versatile!

Rub it on white meats or fish before roasting or grilling. Use it in a marinade or mix it with breadcrumbs to create an aromatic coating. Combine it with butter, yogurt, or crème fraîche to give your cooking a Mediterranean twist. Add it to your brines, soups, stewes, and sous vide recipes to enjoy a burst of zesty, herbaceous flavor.

With its unique, balanced flavor, Omnivore LImone will revolutionize your cooking, and will become a stample in your pantry!

Unlike our premier spiced salt blend Omnivore Salt, Limone is not a finishing product. It is best added to your food prior or during cooking in order to rehydrate the dried herbs, and let their flavor infuse your recipes.

Limone will be sold in a resealable, 6 oz paper bag. This new package is smaller than the original Omnivore Salt, will be easier to carry, will save space in your cabinets, and reduce overall packaging waste!

Meet the rewards!

SALT N STYLE – $90+ Bring Omnivore to you kitchen with this comfortable apron made of soft washable denim fabric. With a classic design and two big pockets, this apron will keep you looking good while cooking for friends and family!  Two bags of Omnivore Limone will be Included in this reward! ( Unisex, 100% Cotton and machine washable )

 SALT N EARTH – $60+ Born in Chile, Maria Paz came upon ceramics in her first year of college and developed a hunger for the malleable medium. After discovering her love for clay, she moved to San Francisco to focus on her ceramic career. Maria currently works as a lab technician in the Ceramics Department at Fort Mason CCSF. Paz created a unique dish colllection using Porcelain and Black Mountain clay, a screen print of the Omnivore font, a plaster mold, and a beautiful vibrant red glaze. A bag of Omnivore Limone will be Included in this reward!

THE COLLECTOR – $300+  Laurie Frankel is an award-winning still life, children’s, lifestyle, food, and interiors photographer based in San Francisco. Her imagery has been recognized by Communication Arts, Graphis, Luerzer’s Archive, the International Photography Awards, the APA, and American Photography, among others. Laurie has captured the essence of the Renaissance Forge, and Angelo’s cooking in a unique collection of 20″x30″ photos. Choose your favorite one!

CHEF FOR A DAY or  FORAGER FOR A DAY – $400+ ( a person ) Have you ever foraged for your food or made fresh pasta in an amazing space from the early 1800s, filled with history, tools and art? Come join us for one of Angelo’s famous classes! In these intimate gatherings, with wine flowing and opera music filling the room, you will spend an entire day discovering Angelo’s insights on cooking and foraging! Choose your favorite class—”Gnocchi and homemade pasta making”, or “Foraging for wild fennel with Angelo”. Get ready to enjoy a unique experience! 

Here is what your contribution will go to:

  • Purchasing of ingredients ( products are certified organic, chemical-free, from a sustainable agriculture and a Fair Trade certified producers )
  • Omnivore Limone production costs
  • Dry product storage
  • Packaging design and printing 
  • Marketing and advertisement

We were blown away by the support and success of our first campaign. You are part of our journey and it would be impossible for us to create a wider product line, and to finally distribute Omnivore nationally without you!

Thank you!

Angelo, Veronica, Beth


VideoBradley Smith

Photographies: Laurie Frankel 

Other photographies: BrunchWith, Brandon Tauszik

Special Thanks

Heritage Foods USA 
Stumptown Coffee Roasters
Michael Pollan
Sunny Bates
Stewart Wallace 
Ann Hatch 
Alessandra Ghini
Werner Herzog 
Lena Herzog
Alice Waters
Davia Nelson 

Our original Omnivore Kickstarter Backers, our fans, and you!    

Our donors
Llano Seco
Raaka Chocolate
Kings County Distillery
Olde Good Things
Frankie’s Olive Oil
Edible School Yard NYC

Contact Information:

Angelo Garro

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