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Sep 14, 2015 11:29 AM ET

My Little Sous-Chef: a tandem cookbook that will encourage parents to share the cooking experience with their children

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 14, 2015

My Little Sous-Chef

About the project

Hello! This is Laura, Francesca and Caterina: we are three Italian girls all based in London. We share a passion for books, kids and good food and from these shared interests the idea for our project sprung.

My Little Sous-Chef is a tandem cookbook that will encourage parents to share the cooking experience with their children and, at the same time, will spark the curiosity of their little ones for all the magic happening in the kitchen.

Our product will consist of two separate cookbooks, one for the parents and one for the kids: the first will present a selection of simple, quick and yummy recipes, appealing for the whole family and clearly explained; the kids’ book will come accompanied by beautiful illustrations and with only the simplest recipe steps, so that kids can experience cooking and meal preparation first-hand.

We believe that cooking is a fun bonding experience that can be shared by the whole family, that’s why My Little Sous-Chefwill focus on the interaction between kids and adults in the kitchen. On top of that, we want to stress the importance of healthy eating: we believe that learning the basics of cooking is also the starting point for developing healthy and wholesome eating habits. For these reasons, the recipes of My Little Sous-Chef will be tasty and appealing for the children’s eye but, at the same time, healthy and simple.

We are developing our content from scratch, with the help of some lovely moms and dads who gave us very valuable opinions and suggestions. We are collaborating with a professional chef to create our recipes, while we work personally on the texts and illustrations. The photos for the parents’ book will be done by a professional photographer.

Your money will mainly fund the printing and packaging of the two books (to be sold together), the publicity costs as well as the production of some of our rewards.

Thanks for stopping by and taking interest in our project. If you feel like donating a little something to help us you will make us super happy and grateful. If you are not bored already and want to know something more about us personally, here are a few more words about each of us, including our very close collaborators, who you saw very briefly at the end of our three-minute video.


Caterina works in publishing and is a carb addict and a kid at heart. Back home in Milan some of her favourite pastimes are eating inhumane quantities of focaccia and visiting her two baby cousins. Pictures with them usually become her phone’s screensaver until they meet again. Caterina is the editorial eye of My Little Sous-Chef, the social media person and a very enthusiastic taster.


Laura is a unicorn with a blonde fringe and dimples in her cheeks. She can never decide if she wants her pancakes with Nutella or with bacon and so she always ends up having both. When she has to wear her adult mask, she designs super cool objects printed in 3D. For My Little Sous-Chef, she is in charge of cover design and page layout and of sneaking a sprinkle of Nutella everywhere (no, not really!)


Fringe twin with Laura, with whom she started the design company Inkinch, Francesca is a well-rounded designer, with experience in product, interior and graphic design. With a daytime job, multiple personal projects and a dog big as a horse, we don’t know when she finds the time to sleep so we’ve agreed that, secretly, she’s a super-hero.


Benedetta is the culinary mind of My Little Sous-Chef. Professional chef and strong advocate of the cause “Put the Kids in the Kitchen”, she is responsible for creating simple recipes that will be loved by all the members of the family. Be reassured about your kids’ health: for every sneaky sprinkle of Nutella, Benedetta will add some secret veggies.


Our super-talented photographer, based in Milan. We could have found so many gifted photographers in London but we wanted Magda so badly that we are flying her from Italy specifically for our photoshoot. She accepted the collaboration but she requested a chocolate brownie for breakfast every single morning. Little did she know that we would have given her that AND a donut.

The proofreaders

A very big group of native English speakers who will check every single written word of the project. We can’t name them all simply because we don’t know them all yet but they will have their glory in the acknowledgements, and in the meantime we shall remunerate them with baked goods from Benedetta.

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