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Sep 14, 2015 10:17 AM ET

Archived: Futurecast Communications – A digital marketing firm

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 14, 2015

Quick Pitch

Futurecast Communications is a company that is poised to disrupt and break the current inefficient model for business video production. Through best practices we’ve developed over the past five years inside major technology giants, we offer a solution that creates strategy, produces content, and then publishes and promotes the collateral on the client’s behalf.

We do this at a fraction of the cost of traditional providers, charging a flat, predictable, per-video cost. We aim to scale this successful model and implement it with like-minded partners around the world, allowing them to share our infrastructure and export our low-cost, high-quality production paradigm. 


Product/Service Details

The marketing landscape is changing. Today’s customer expects a deeper relationship with a product, and an effective way to quench that thirst is through on-demand digital video. 

However, the model is broken. Too many production companies and marketing firms provide too little content for too much price, using antiquated, bloated practices. Worse yet, they take no interest in drawing an audience for their clients. 

Futurecast Communications changes all of that. Using a service model that leverages advances in affordable technology, our firm provides clients with strategy, content, and publication/promotion services that ensure their message reaches their audience. 

We will lead the charge, and disrupt the industry by creating, empowering, and leveraging a global network of like-minded firms, and providing a common infrastructure that provides a higher standard of quality at a much lower price, enabling all organizations to finally take advantage of the deeper customer connections that digital media has to offer. 


How We’re Different

The Futurecast Communications services model has been incubated, developed, and perfected over the past five years. Founder Joe Gura is a former television journalist who was aghast at the frequent cost overruns and blatant overcharging done by traditional video production houses for corporate work. He started by building a small production studio out of an 800-square-foot storage room. 

Within a few years, the little in-house studio was producing over a hundred high-quality projects per year for as little as several hundred dollars per project. Not satisfied with just producing content, Joe developed an all-up service for his stakeholders, building a strategic platform, creating the content, then publishing and promoting the dynamic episodic content, and delivered millions of views per year.

This paradigm for NetJets-quality digital results at Southwest Airlines-level operational excellence has been taken around the world, producing on-site events in Las VegasAmsterdamSydney, and Vancouver, often shooting, editing, and publishing on the very same day. 

With the imminent explosion of digital video experiences on the modern consumer landscape, we believe that now is the time for businesses of all sizes to take advantage of what this paradigm has to offer. By offering a full-service experience at a controlled cost, Futurecast Communications is uniquely experienced and equipped to take on the challenge. 




Joe Gura – Founder & CEO

A broadcasting, technology, and marketing professional looking to change the game.  


Joe Gura is an Integrated Marketing Communications expert with nearly 20 years’ experience in digital marketing, global marketing communications, and broadcasting. A business leader, marketing communications strategist, and digital media pioneer, Joe has a Master of Science degree in Integrated Marketing Communications from West Virginia University. Through a mantra of “Communications Need Not Be Complicated”, Joe advocates for simple, repeatable process that improves client service, connecting with storytelling tactics that humanize a product with key audiences, providing emotional connections for viewers and solid brand positioning for clients.

Contact Information:

Joe Gura

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