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Sep 13, 2015 11:19 AM ET

Archived: Discotech: The OpenTable for Nightlife

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 13, 2015


Los Angeles, CA 90029, US
Web Service Software

Discotech is the OpenTable for Nightlife. Our free mobile app is live on iOS and Android and allows users to discover nightlife events, reserve bottle service, purchase pre-sale tickets, and sign up for guest lists to nightlife venues in different cities. Our app is currently live in 5 cities including Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Miami, and Orange County, and our venue partners include 7 of the top 10 largest clubs in the nation.

Discotech currently has over 30,000 downloads, and a monthly revenue run rate of ~$120,000 in May of 2015.



Company Age Employees Sub-Industry
2 years, 3 months 7 Gaming & Entertainment Software

Products / Services


Discotech is a free to download mobile application that is live on the iPhone and Android app stores. Discotech allows users to browse events, reserve bottle service, purchase pre-sale tickets, and sign up for VIP guest lists at nightlife venues in different cities.

Discotech generates commission for its three different admission services:

1. Bottle Service – Discotech generates a 10-15% commission on gross sales of bottle service booked via the app
2. Pre-sale Tickets: Discotech charges end customers a 15% service fee for ticket sales. Nightlife venues also sometimes pay Discotech a per head “bounty” for every ticket sold via the app
3. VIP Guest List: Discotech allows customers to sign up for VIP guest list which grants them free or discounted admission into nightlife venues. Nightlife venues then pay Discotech a “bounty” for generating traffic to their property.

You can follow this link on your phone to download Discotech: www.discotech.me/download



Market Annual Size % Growth Rate
U.S Nightlife Market $6,000,000,000 4 %
WW Nightlife Market $20,000,000,000 3 %


Chief Operating Officer
Ian Chen

Ian ChenIan Chen was born and raised in Potomac , Maryland. After graduating as Valedictorian from high school, Ian attended UC Berkeley where he graduated with degrees in Business Administration and Industrial Engineering. After college, Ian began his professional career at Bain & Company out of their San Francisco Office. At Bain, Ian split his time between Bain’s Private Group, and Bain’s Corporate Strategy Group. After 2 years at Bain, Ian joined The Gores Group, a ~$4B AUM Private Equity Firm based in LA. At Gores, Ian performed due diligence on over 100 different businesses across a wide # of industries.

After his 2.5 years at The Gores Group, Ian would team up with two of his friends from UC Berkeley to start Discotech. Discotech was created to solve the problem of finding information, and making reservations to nightlife venues. The idea for Discotech came to the team from the consumer perspective after having horrible experiences dealing with traditional nightlife promoters.

Chief Technology Officer
Ian Bushong

Ian BushongIan is responsible for handling all the technology that power Discotech’s platform. He’s a proponent of elegant, modular design that leverages existing, proven technologies.

Prior to Discotech, he worked at Ambarella as a digital logic engineer, helping design next-generation video processing chips. Before that, he worked at Zoran, designing simulations and development tools for the company’s video processing IP.

Ian studied Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at UC Berkeley, attending on the Regents’ and Chancellor’s Scholarship.

Chief Marketing Officer
Mark Wu

Mark WuMark attended UC Berkeley where he studied Business and Economics. While at university he started learning about search engine optimization, ppc marketing, Adsense, and affiliate marketing. During this time he created a number of websites in a wide variety of verticals including interest rates, real estate, gaming, and personal finance, and started making money by converting ppc and organic traffic to affiliate offers and Google Adsense. Upon graduation Mark was hired as the 3rd member of Zoosk’s marketing team where he helped scale up Zoosk’s search, email, and affiliate campaigns from $30k a month to $1.5MM in monthly spend. During this time he was also exposed to Facebook and mobile marketing channels. After 3.5 years, Mark left Zoosk to start Discotech with a few close friends from UC Berkeley. At Discotech, Mark serves as the Chief Marketing Office and is in charge of user acquisition.

Contact Information:

Ian Chen
Ian Bushong
Mark Wu

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