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Sep 12, 2015 10:37 AM ET

Archived: iWin – A Personal Assistant in the Palm of Your Hand!

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 12, 2015

Our iOS and Android apps are a one-stop shop for offline and online logistics, allowing you to book accommodation, transportation, order food delivery, talk to a concierge desk, and other personal assistant needs.

iWin is the ultimate for convenience: one app, one service, anything you want delivered to your door. Welcome to the future — a personal assistant that can do anything, but only when you need it.


The current on-demand economy is fragmented. There are hundreds of apps that provide singular on-demand services like dry cleaning, grocery delivery, restaurant delivery, and transportation.


What the world needs is one app for every type of service.


iWin offers a lifestyle of convenience. When you have no time, no car, or no assistant, iWin drivers are nearby to assist with anything you need at the touch of a button. This isn’t an hourly personal assistant, it’s an on-demand personal assistant capable of fulfilling any task, 24/7.


So, with the power of a personal assistant who can do anything
whenever you want it, what are your options?

Anything a person can do, the iWin app can coordinate for you. Our drivers, called butlers, can pick up anything from anywhere and bring it right to you. Have them deliver alcohol, restaurant items, groceries, pharmacy prescriptions, pet supplies, retail items, or flowers.

iWin butlers are all independent contractors, just like Uber. They drive their own cars, set their own hours and routes. When an order comes in, it goes out to all of them and one will claim it.


Or, you can schedule services like dog walking, massage therapy, plumbing, maid service, a haircut, or a pedicure. You can even use your on-demand personal assistant to schedule flights, buy concert tickets, or make dinner reservations. If you need help with anything at all, our live customer service assistance via the app is there to help.

Is there anything we don’t service? Anything that’s illegal. For example, if you’re under 21, the butlers aren’t going to deliver you alcohol. Other than that, you’re winning with iWin.

iWin is an on-demand logistics service for the modern consumer’s on-demand needs.


Enter payment once, and your payment info is stored and saved. Next time you order, its just simple ‘click and recieve’ with no additional decisions to be made. We even retain an 18% service fee for the butler so the user does not have to make that decision of how much gratuity to leave the butler, and the butler never has to work for free.

The magic behind iWin is our cutting edge protected software which finds all the places you can get what you’re looking for, then all the butlers on duty in those areas, and matches the butlers and shops that are closest to you — all in a matter of seconds. This ensures you get what you want as quickly as possible.


iWin is on the verge of taking off.

Our app is completed and available for download on iTunes AppStore and will be available on GooglePlay in Mid September, we’ve contracted out to several delivery service providers, as we build out our own internal fleet of drivers and concierge reps. We’ve partnered up with 60 vendors, restaurants, and retail shops, in addition to 20+ hotels who are advertising concierge and room service through iWin, and we are also in negotiations to be the exclusive concierge app for AirBnB rooms in Los Angeles.

We’re currently growing our average daily signups and we will launch our marketing campaign in Los Angeles. 

Our software that finds retail location and drivers and matches the ones that are closest to you was built in house. We own this software and are not interested in licensing it out to other companies.

Although we have not decided on a franchise growth model as of yet, we do have current interest from several potential franchisees in many major U.S. markets and will explore this option in the near future after we prove concept in the LA area.

That starts with launching our marketing plan:

  • Mobile & print ads
  • Direct mail: 15K mail pieces per month, offer $5 off first order
  • Door Hangers on apartment building units
  • Elevator ads
  • SEO/SEM (we have many big influencers, celebrity endorsements)
  • PR: media outreach & pitching
  • Street teams & events
  • Hotel & motel table tents: currently focusing on motels near LAX and airbnbs
  • Coupon sites: Groupon, Living Social, RetailMeNot
  • TV/radio spots
  • Car wrapping: year-round advertising, 30-70K daily impressions, boosts name recognition 15x vs other advertising methods
  • Coupon cards
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Promo codes

Mike Halioua is a born entrepreneur. In high school, he was earning more money a week playing pool than his teachers made in a month. In 1991, he decided to use those winnings to buy 6 ice cream trucks. Within 4 years, he was up to 26 ice cream trucks. By 1999, Mike’s ice cream venture had become a million dollar business.

All the while, he was spending every winter playing poker professional which was yielding equally as high returns. Wanting to travel the world, Mike sold his ice cream business for a very healthy profit and decided to play poker as his full time profession.

While playing poker full time provided Mike the lifestyle he had always dreamed of, he missed the thrill of creating a successful business from the ground up. In 2005, he started a strategic business consulting firm offering advice to companies large and small. In this capacity, Mike met Houston Curtis, who at that time was the Executive Producer of the Ultimate Blackjack Tour for CBS. In 2007, Mike helped Curtis bring UBT to a global audience. In 2012, Mike launched a product company called Step and Go Health.

In January 2014, Mike was riding Uber to work as he did everyday, when he thought: what if there was an app that didn’t just provide a personal driver, but a personal assistant. With that, I Want It Now was born.


Alex is a successful entrepreneur from Montreal Canada. A graduate of Concordia University, he is fluent in French, Italian, and English, and has owned and operated a successful commercial cleaning company specialized in janitorial services for office buildings, hospitals, restaurants and various other commercial spaces. He brings a wealth of knowledge in customer service, business development, logistics, and sales to the iWin team.


Kelly has more than a decade of experience in media and entertainment. She has a degree in communications from Ohio University as well as a graduate degree in commercial radio broadcasting from The Australian Film, Television and Radio School. Kelly has worked in commercial radio in Australia for 6 years.


Anne Marie is a master in Adobe Suite and Final Cut. She has been in publishing for 2 years, including self-publishing her own cookbook which focuses on fitness and wellness.


Rohit is our lead in technology development.

Contact Information:

Mike Halioua
Alex Lamothe
Kelly Glover
Anne Marie Coutts
Rohit Setia

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