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Sep 12, 2015 3:20 PM ET

Archived: How to communicate your crowdfunding campaign

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 12, 2015

One secret to a good crowdfunding campaign is promoting self awareness on your public. In order to achieve that, you should try and personalize your campaign. How? There are basically two tricks to achieve that.

Record a personal video

When communicating your project to your public, you should put your face in it. By doing that, you reduce the perceived risk of your project, as people seeing your face in a video will find it less likely that you are defrauding them or cannot accomplish the project.

It’s important that you face the camera when recording the video. That will pass confidence. People will feel more connected to you and your project and will be more inclined to give you  money. Interview like videos, where the camera shows a side of your face must be avoided.

As Connection XL states, when recording your video you should use a teleprompter, memorize your script and try and be authentic.

Don’t underestimate the power of a pair of eyes. That behavior was noticed in a study by Batteson, Nettle and Roberts. In charity studies they discovered that when a pair of eyes was showed instead of another image (like flowers), people were three times more willing to donate.

Communicate in second person

Another way of helping your backers achieve self awareness is writing to them personally. Do it like I do. Always use second person.

Using “you” instead of “we” will make your message more personal, will make people comfortable with you, will reassure them that you are willing to help them. You are not talking about what you can do or about your project. You are talking about your backers needs, how their lives will be made better.

You should do that both in your texts and your videos. It’s about them. It’s their content, their text, their video, their needs, not yours. You should not say “our widget will be blue”. Instead, you should say “you will have a blue widget of your own”.

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