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Archived: Fish Eye Project Live on the Giant Screen

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Fish Eye Project Live on the Giant Screen

Help us get the Fish Eye Project on the Giant screen!

Imagine you could have a window into the ocean, a chance to see the unseen — to go beneath the waves. On September 9, Fish Eye Project will be in San Francisco to present real-time underwater adventures at the Giant Screen Cinema Association conference. Support Fish Eye in this engaging, entertaining, and educational endeavour!

Live Dives on the giant screen creates an engaging experience, allowing for real-time interactions between the diver and audience participants. You can see, hear, talk and share with the diver as they explore places like the famous Great Barrier Reef, whale sharks in the Red Sea or a giant pacific octopus off the coast of Canada. Where do you want to go?

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The Impact

Attending this conference will be a stepping tone in taking Fish Eye to the next level. It will further support us in continuing to inspire students, teachers, and schools around the globe in creating awareness and education about the ocean. It will also help scale the impact of Fish Eye Project’s social and environmental mission.

Fish Eye’s concept and experience has been developed through the sweat and tears of over 25 dedicated volunteers. Now, these funds are needed to get to the next level and meet members of the Giant Screen Cinema Association to showcase our work.

Having the experience in IMAX theatres and science centres around the world could significantly scale the impact of creating awareness and educating others about the ocean.


Where your money goes

We need to bring 5 people from our team to San Francisco to present at the “Films in Development” session at the Giant Screen Cinema Association. We are expecting to meet with potential partners, clients and organizations such as: Smithsonian, science centres, museums, aquariums and IMAX theatres from around the world looking for alternative content. We need help to cover the costs associated with the conference, including registration, travel expenses, and marketing.

Each perk comes with your name being added to our VIP list, which means you will be kept informed on the Fish Eye Project development, you will be added to our newsletter (unless you prefer not to) and you will get access to Fish Eye Project special events.

Here’s where your donations will go:

If we exceed our goal, we will invest in our project and curriculum development for the first IMAX pilot show.

Other Ways You Can Help

Share our campaign! Look for the share button right below our video. Let your friends know they can contribute to making this cinematic experience a reality for Fish Eye Project and others around the world! Let’s create awareness and spread love for our beautiful oceans.

Thank you again for supporting Fish Eye Project in reaching thousands of people worldwide, and further connecting them with our ocean!

** This initiative is a partnership between Fish Eye Project, EnvironLive, and Masters Digital. Supported by Aqua Lung Canada.

Contact Information:

Maeva Gauthier

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