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Sep 11, 2015 1:02 PM ET

The Reactive Hypoglycemia Handbook

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 11, 2015

The Reactive Hypoglycemia Handbook

In 2012, a mystifying constellation of symptoms battered me relentlessly until this unidentified “it” disordered my hectic life as a law-firm owner. Using my smarts and tenacity, I kept digging until I discovered the root cause: a lifestyle disorder, reactive hypoglycemia.

The Reactive Hypoglycemia diagnosis did nothing to stop severe hypoglycemic attacks.

But it was a necessary piece of my wellness puzzle that spurred me to travel down the stable-blood-sugar pathway. And so I enrolled at the University of Hard Knocks, taught myself how to become a food detective, and decoded my body’s demands. I cracked the case!

As I learned the hard way, Reactive Hypoglycemia does not deign to enter your life when it’s convenient. In fact, its appearance may be easily explained away by your busy lifestyle. Affecting what moves through all systems of your body, the sugar in your lifeblood, this disorder is often missed in the early stages. Its body-wide effects may present as a mystifying constellation of symptoms to conventional medicine, who struggle to confine it to a specialty and offer a tidy-box explanation. Even if conventional medicine identifies reactive hypoglycemia, no prescription or surgical intervention is available as a “quick fix,” or to medically “manage” your symptoms.

You must use food to take back your life.

Revamping what you put on your plate is the best and only way to 

  • prevent hypoglycemic attacks and break free from a vicious cycle;
  • shift your body into repair mode;
  • and give your body a chance to reverse your disorder.

My approach is to give a reactive hypoglycemic body what it needs to heal. All the practical wisdom you’ll find in my guidebook is tested and proven effective by a real-life reactive hypoglycemic. Not only did I break free from disruptive low-blood-sugar attacks, I reversed my reactive hypoglycemia and feel fantastic!

This passion project is a reflection of my ardent desire to help others use food to reclaim vitality!


Contact Information:

Rita Johansen

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