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Sep 11, 2015 11:45 AM ET

Archived: Maleku – Chocolate World Class Chocolate with a Conscience

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 11, 2015

Chocolate can do so many things. It can tell someone you care, help you unwind after a long day at work, and can even comfort you after a bad breakup. Chocolate can do all this, but it can also do so much more. It can change the world.

With our Chocolate Forest, Maleku Chocolate will harness the power of the cacao bean to make chocolate that tastes great, is environmentally friendly, and helps to save an indigenous culture.


Maybe you turn to high-end dark chocolate because you want to lose some weight without cutting out chocolate entirely. Maybe you’re turning to high-end chocolate because they promote fair treatment of their farmers and employees.

These are great reasons to pay a little more for better chocolate, but how can you be sure your money is being used for the right thing? 

Many companies run “bean-to-bar” operations, which means that they are in control of their chocolate from the moment they get the beans up until they make their chocolate bars.

The problem is that they may be sourcing their beans from many different areas and plantations, and the cacao beans are usually just mixed together randomly. Because of this, many companies can only pinpoint the region where their beans came from and have no idea what really goes into their chocolate.

Maleku Chocolate is one of the few chocolate companies that is in complete control from start to finish. We know exactly which cacao varietals go into our product. Our unique “tree-to-bar” process ensures that our chocolate tastes great and is made from slave-free labor!


We are a “tree-to-bar” company that has complete control over our quality of cacao. This means that we can perfectly manage our output, taste, ingredients, flavor, and blend.

There are only a limited number of places in the world where cacao grows. Our 75 acre Chocolate Forest will be located in the Northern Zone of Costa Rica in an mountainside area has been producing cacao for centuries, has excellent weather and soil, and is known for treating farmers fairly!

We know exactly what goes into our chocolate and are honest about our all-natural ingredients! 

We grow the best beans from the best cacao varietals to make the best chocolate and have developed a unique approach that lets the flavor shine through with all natural ingredients and no additives like soy lecithin. 

With our perfect placement and unique blend, we have developed a chocolate company that can reimagine the way that chocolate is made to give you honest chocolate of premium quality.


Our company does more than just make great chocolate: we also make a difference in the community around us.

We want to remember where we came from.

There used to be thousands of people in the Maleku tribe living in the forest, but now there are only a few hundred.

We feel a social responsiblity, and we want to help save a rich, beautiful culture that is in danger of extinction.

We will donate 5% of all profits to local charities that will help buy back land and reforest!

We are a sustainable and green business that helps our local environment. Our reforestation project for the Chocolate Forest helps to cool the Earth, preserves water, and creates habitats for a variety of flora and fauna!

We will reforest the area with cacao trees that are disease-resistant. With natural fertilizers and no pesticides, we will be in full compliance with the Rainforest Alliance certification program.


No one else in the world of chocolate is doing what we’re doing. We make chocolate, make money, and make a difference in the world with our incredibly high-quality chocolate!

For the past 3 years, we have been developing recipes, techniques, flavors. We’ve sold private label chocolate to select customers and have received fantastic reviews from internationally acclaimed critics like Lee McCoy, a renowned judge for the International Chocolate Awards.

We brought on The Beach Chocolate Factory, our founder’s original company, at no cost, which will help us to generate income and cash flow during the early stages. The Beach Chocolate Factory has a proven track record and steady growth. We are certified for plantation management and have partnered with CANACACAO, leading experts in organic cacao production.

Our founder has tons of knowledge in the industry and will be speaking at a chocolate conference in October.

Paying back your investment will be our first priority, and we are projected to triple your money over a 10 year period. A profitable company with proven returns, we are a safe, low-risk investment that can really make a difference. 

Costa Rica is already a popular tourist destination, and we will capitalize on this through Chocotourism, or tours through our Chocolate Forest. We will also launch 5-day Makations for tourists to learn how to grow cacao and make their own fine chocolate. Both of these tourism opportunities will be launched at the end of year 2.

We have so much in store for chocolate lovers everywhere, and we’d love for you to help us make a real difference in the world! For more information about the future of Maleku Chocolate and how you could be a part of it, please request access to the Business Plan page of this profile.


Our story began with Henrik Bodholdt, our Founder and CEO. Born in Copenhagen, Denmark, he started working with chocolate in 2009 before founding the Beach Chocolate Factory in 2011.

A couple of years ago, he made a delicious and unique dark chocolate from unique beans of a local plantation but was unable to put it into commercial production because the Swiss majority owner of the plantation later denied him access to the beans he needed. It was then he realized that he needed to grow his own cacao to ensure consistent quality and access for his wide array of fine chocolate.

A master chocolate maker and educator in Costa Rica, Henrik runs workshops for tourists, teaching them about the history, culture, and nature surrounding cacao and chocolate. He is a fixture with workshops at the Four Seasons Resort Papagayo and among his clients he can count Richard Gere, David Rockefeller Senior, and the family of Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones! 


Lars is in the Danish Broadcast Media Industry and is our Audience Research Manager.

Please note – there is opportunity for individuals interested in becoming involved in the success of Maleku Chocolate to join our Advisory Board.

For more information about this and other ways that you can become part of Maleku’s success story, please request access to the Business Plan page of this profile, and let’s talk! 

Contact Information:

Henrik Bodholdt

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