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Sep 11, 2015 3:07 PM ET

Archived: Long Division 2016: The return of Long Division, the largest Music & Culture event in the Wakefield and a celebration of Independence and DIY Culture for 2016

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 11, 2015

Long Division 2016

About the project

Long Division is a weekend music and culture festival that takes place in Wakefield City Centre each year in June. 

“It was the existence of Long Division that gave me the confidence to bring back Unity Hall as a music venue.” – Chris Hill (Unity Works Developer). 

Since its formation in 2011, Long Division has led the way in develping Wakefield as a respected and revered musical and cultural destination. It is run by a very small but dedicated group of people who wanted to showcase Wakefield’s often overlooked musical talents to a wider audience. 

“Absolutely invaluable to us, the biggest showcase of the year for bands and venues in the city. Makes me proud to tears every year.” – Rob Dee (Philophobia Music, Wakefield). 

Using a range of city centre venues, it now attracts 3000 people each year, showcasing local talent by placing them alongside national artists. It has consistently produced line-ups amongst the strongest and most value for money across the whole country. 

“Made by Music fans, for Music fans.” – Louder Than War. 

With little to no resources, the Long Division team have put Wakefield on the map and created a festival that is respected across the industry, that has booked over 500 artists in 5 years, paid them over £120,000, used 25 venues and generated an estimated £350,000 income for city centre businesses. 

“I’ve been involved in one way or another in Wakefield’s music scene for over 25 years and Long Division is without doubt the best thing to have happened musically in that period, probably ever.” – Chris Charlton (Protectors / Two Man Cuppy / Pylon / Chopper)


This All Sounds Great – Why Crowdfunding?

Long Division costs around £60,000 to put on, with all the profits going to bands and volunteers. For every £1 we recieve from ticket sales we spend at least £2.50 on the event, so funding and sponsorship are essential. 

But they have become harder to raise. In 2015 – despite being our best event yet – we lost £25,000 in expected funding from the local authority and the Arts Council. This has had a near fatal effect on the financial future of the event. 

“I feel very strongly that events of this nature contribute significantly to the local economy and in Wakefield’s case consolidate an emerging appreciation of Wakefield’s progressive and enlightened relationship with music and the arts.” – Stewart Henderson (Chemikal Underground, Glasgow).

So here is the plan. We raise the first 10% of the festival budget through this Crowdfunding Campaign. That will gurantee the festival can take place on June 10th – 12th, 2016. 

This then provides fantastic evidence of local support for the event which (alongside the 100+ testimonials we have collected from across the industry) can then be taken forward for inclusion in funding applications and potential high level festival sponsors. 


Five Reasons:

Why does Long Division need to survive? Watch our campaign video for more detail but essentially:

– Huge economic value to the city.

– The best exposure possible for local artists in Wakefield.

– Profits put back into the creative community.

– Consistently attracting national artists and raising the reputation of the city within the industry. 

– Creates a sense of pride in the city. 

“To a young musician in Wakefield, the experience of playing the festival is invaluable. The exposure and contacts you make on the day are great. Friendships formed with other bands means more gigs and exposure, not just in Wakefield but around the country. To a young band rehearsing in their garage in Wakefield, the festival is an exciting milestone for them to aim for.” – Michael Ainsley (The Ainsley Band, Wakefield). 

If we are unable to raise the initial 10% upfront, it will be very difficult for the team to secure the additional funding and to justify the personal risk involved in continuing to run the festival. 


Fans & Bands:

Long Division has the best festival audience we’ve ever experienced. We’ve tried to find some unique and interesting ways to get you involved. But we are a festival that relies on word of mouth and goodwill. So spread the word. Come to us with fundraising ideas or new rewards for this campaign. Tell people why Long Division matters to you. 

“Long Division 2015 was hands down the best festival I played at or attended this year. None of the corporate festivals can really hold a candle to Long Division. It would be a massive loss to the North Of England music scene if Long Division was unable to continue.” – Damien Hughes (Allusondrugs, Wakefield). 

Q: Why can’t we buy regular tickets as part of the campaign?

A: We need to raise money in addition to our usual ticket income. If the campaign is successful you will be the first to hear about them going on sale. 



We have included lots of ways for local and Indepedent businesses to get involved with Long Division in 2016. We bring in over £100,000 in secondary spend to Wakefield businesses each year. That could be your business.

If you have an idea for something that isn’t here, want to get involved on a larger scale or would like further information on our audience data please contact us at longdivisionfestival@gmail.com 

“Long Division is an exciting, important music and arts festival. It puts Wakefield firmly on the map of the UK Festival Circuit and showcases the amazing venues and musicians of the sometimes undervalued city and its creative residents, inspiring those within it.” – Nick Simcock (Dead Young Records, Leeds). 


We thank you for your time and hope you can help make Long Division 2016 a reality. 

Many Thanks,

Dean Freeman & Team Long Division


Contact Information:

Dean Freeman

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