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Sep 10, 2015 1:05 PM ET

Archived: Whitcomb Law PC: helping people and businesses interact with government

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 10, 2015

Whitcomb Law PC

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Attorney Joe Whitcomb started Whitcomb Law, PC, to be a full service law firm helping solve clients’ diverse legal problems. The firm’s focus has always been helping people and businesses interact with government. Joe founded his law firm initially to help claimants applying for disability benefits through the Social Security (SSDI/SSI) and the Veterans’ Administrations (VA). He knows firsthand that dealing with the federal government can be frustrating and unnecessarily confusing.

Many of the veteran business owners that came to Whitcomb Law, PC, indicated a desire to start their own business and eventually become verified as Veteran owned in order to improve their chances of winning government contracts. Joe and his team have grown that practice area from a few small clients who had done little more than file Articles of Incorporation, to more than 70 commercial clients all over the U.S. By keeping the practice areas federal, Whitcomb Law has effectively thrown off the geographical limitations that encumber many law firms. By maintaining a largely transactional and administrative practice, the firm is able to expand its scope, while minimizing infrastructure costs.

By creating a hybrid business model of long term contingency fee work and short term hourly engagements, the firm accomplishes near full utilization of human resources, while maintaining a work-life balance that drastically reduces turn-over and increases team buy-in. Diversification served the firm when government shutdowns, sequestration, and budget cuts were killing other less diverse firms. The firm’s focus in advertising in online mediums including well placed PPC campaigns and organic SEO efforts have increased its visibility nationally. Any outside investment would be used to further increase this visibility as well has hiring the attorneys and legal staff needed to serve the additional clients.

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Whitcomb Law, PC and its DBA Rocky Mountain Disability Law Group (RMDLG) are essentially two law practices in one. Whitcomb Law focuses on B2B administrative and transactional work for its clients all over the U.S,, while RMDLG spends its energy on assisting clients through the administrative morass of SSA and VA benefits claims. The B2B work is all done on a competitive, but not deeply discounted hourly basis and the benefits work is all contingency fee paid out of the clients’ past due benefits if we are successful. Because Whitcomb Law is a wholly owned by a former U.S. Army Ranger combat veteran, the natural niche for the practice is other Veterans. This branding has proven exceptionally valuable in both the VA benefits and Veteran owned business category. Joe’s experience as a SSA attorney has proven to be excellent branding in the Social Security benefits space. Whitcomb Law has been deliberate in remaining lean and keeping costs down. Joe welcomes any further questions.

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Joseph Whitcomb

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