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Sep 10, 2015 7:05 AM ET

Archived: IQ Puzzle – Fitness For Your Brain: The world’s first logic game for daily usage, An Everyday Adventure, 14 Shapes + 2 Designs available

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 10, 2015

IQ Puzzle – Fitness For Your Brain

Hi friends!

IQ puzzle is a game or toy or personal IQ laboratory and a wonderful way to spend your time or to develop your skills and IQ.

For all ages, starting from your kinds to adults.An amazing opportunity to develop your mind, logic, memory.Helps to brake stereotypes, you can make a competition between you and your friends or just to relax after work.

The task:

All is simple, you have only one task : to gather a shape from the pieces you have.

From our experience we can see that once the puzzle gets to one’s hands, it bring a lot of positive feelings and emotions:Interes, genuine surprise, excitement, smile and a will to do and accomplish the puzzle.

Every puzzle has a difficulty level that is indicated by the number of stars. The highet the amount of stars, the harder is the puzzle.

 Every set contains 14 puzzles with different difficulty levels. Some of then you can  complete in 3-25 minutes and some will take even more and this is what makes them more interactive.
You  are ready for adventure?

The puzzle- ideal trainer for mind attributes like: logical thinking , imagination, attention ,visual memory, accuracy, ability to analize.

You will learn an how to use the right questions , hypothesize and bring them to life.

Your mind will be solving the puzzle when it is away and even when your are a sleep. Even when you forget about the puzzle, your brain will continue searching for the solution.

British scientists found out that puzzles make the mind younger!

Straining  your mind! Those kind of activities help to lengthen it’s youth.

Develops ingenuity and knowledge.

A challenge even for the most experienced gamers.

Build creativity.

A lot of time was invested in the design so that every person could find something special for himself, starting with 14 unique shapes and choose from 2 cool designs.

Each set has:

#1 Tree, #2 Car, #3 Heart, #4 Key, #5 House,#6  BigBen, #7  Family, #8 MapleLeaf, #9 Davids Star, #10 Glass,#11 Square, #12 Cross ,#13 M, #14 T

Contact Information:

Denis Gutulenco
Cherman Dorin
Gutulenco Andrey

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