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Sep 10, 2015 12:00 PM ET

Archived: Get Dismissed To Help California Drivers Get Tickets Dismissed Via Kickstarter

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 10, 2015


GetDismissed.com Launches KickStarter Campaign to Fight California Traffic Tickets.


Westlake Village, CA (September 9th, 2015) – GetDismissed is pleased to announce that based on the success of the last several months of live testing, they are now ready to complete development for wide market distribution and marketing of the GetDismissed site and mobile app.


To accomplish their goal, GetDismissed is currently launching a unique KickStarter Campaign to raise $150,000. Contributors will have the option to donate to the GetDismissed California Ticket Fighting Campaign by selecting one of the following three pledge options:


  • Pledge $50 – Receive one voucher to fight your California Traffic Ticket for Free – $79 value. Also receive a copy of our book “GetDismissed” No Brainwork Required, It’s That Simple. Get your traffic ticket dismissed, without going to court.”


  • Pledge $200 – Receive 1 year of free California Ticket Fighting Services. Also receive a copy of our book “GetDismissed” No Brainwork Required, It’s That Simple. Get your traffic ticket dismissed, without going to court.”


  • Pledge $1,000 – Fight all your California traffic tickets for free no limit. Also receive a copy of our book “GetDismissed” No Brainwork Required, It’s That Simple. Get your traffic ticket dismissed, without going to court.”


Go to https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1068506606/getdismissed-the-best-way-to-dismiss-your-traffic to view the GetDismissed KickStarter campaign.


According to GetDismissed President Steve Miller, “We believe that GetDismissed can become the de facto application for contesting Traffic Tickets in California.”


The GetDismissed site and app provide drivers the ability to easily contest a traffic ticket without going to court. It facilitates a simple process of entering some basic information, uploading the traffic ticket and accessing the fully prepared Trial by Written Declaration documents, that can be submitted to the court to contest a traffic ticket.

The business of fighting traffic tickets is a huge business. Traffic ticket revenue is estimated to be the number 2 revenue generator in California. In 2012 alone, it’s estimated that California took in over $500 Million in traffic fines. These numbers indicate the tremendous potential and market that GetDismissed can tap into.


Steve Miller, explains, “We were the first company in California to make a business out of helping drivers contest traffic tickets using a Trial by Written Declaration. Therefore we are perfectly positioned to take all the business knowledge, IP, systems, and industry expertise and develop and create a system for California drivers to allow them to automatically generate all the documents necessary to submit to the court to contest their traffic ticket properly. As far as competition, currently there are no services available in California to generate Trial by Written Declaration documents with proven defenses automatically at a nominal fee. With over 5.2 million traffic tickets issued every year, the opportunity is huge and not to be missed.”




About GetDismissed.com

GetDismissed.com, located in Westlake Village, California, was founded in 2014 by Steven F. Miller. The GetDismissed.com service is built on a platform that has assisted thousands of Californians with quickly and inexpensively filing the necessary paperwork to contest and dismiss their traffic tickets through the Trial by Written Declaration process. The GetDismissed App, available through the Apple Store or Google Play, is Mr. Millers solution to creating a very inexpensive, fully automated, and user-friendly online service for California drivers to submit their traffic ticket information, process the necessary documents and submit the case to the courts.


GetDismissed.com Contact:

Please contact Steven Miller at (800) 580.3769 or 818.621.2346, or Steve@getdismissed.com for more information. 5716 Corsa Avenue, Suite 104 | Westlake Village, CA 91362.

More information can be found at https://www.getdismissed.com/page/press-media-relations

Contact Information:

September 9th, 2015
For more information contact:
Steven Miller
800.580.3769 (Office)
818.621.2346 (Cell)

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