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Sep 10, 2015 1:33 PM ET

Archived: Falling In Love: The Brothers Grimm meet Greek Tragedy in the modern setting of the Irish Midlands

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 10, 2015

The Brothers Grimm meet Greek Tragedy in the modern setting of the Irish Midlands as this short film exposes the underbelly of Ireland in 2015. A raw realistic gritty depiction of the blighted hopes and dreams of a lost generation caught between the residues of the rampant irresponsible excesses of the tiger years and the cold brutality of the current austerity regime. Chastened by this life a young man and a young woman, recognising a sort of shared pain, link up to try and beat the blues on an old disused railway bridge that straddles the main street of the town. Looking down from her throne of temporary contentment Katsy realises that she doesn’t want to go back.  She asks Keith to join her and he is drawn to his queen’s request. He recognises his own misery in the townscape below him and standing beside her overlooking the town he feels a sense of control and empowerment for the first time in his life and it liberates him. He reaches for her, they touch and then they are transported into another realm that is far from the pain and suffering that has been their individual lives up to now. When dawn breaks what will it bring?



Ingrid Saker as Katsy


Oisin Robbins as Keith


Para qué es la financiación

In order to complete this short film that will be shot in Clara, County Offaly, Ireland we are looking for your support to help us across the line. This film is being made by a group of very talented young filmmakers (Colm McElligott, Paul D’Eath et al) who are donating their time and expertise voluntarily. Our extremely talented and award winning cast (Oisin Robbins, Ingrid Saker) are also volunteering their services because, like the crew, they believe passionately in this project and the imperative of having it made and up on the screen. Be our fairy godmother and grant us our three wishes: Insurance, Equipment & Transport Hire, Submission fees for Film Festivals. The oracle at Delphi has predicted it and so it must be. With your help we can do it.


Contact Information:

Finian Robbins

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