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Sep 10, 2015 2:26 PM ET

Archived: A Witch’s Book of Silence: In silence, the veil obscuring the mysteries is drawn back revealing that which can never be fully translated into language

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 10, 2015

In silence, the veil obscuring the mysteries is drawn back revealing that which can never be fully translated into language.

Contemporary, Nonfiction, Religion, Self Help, Spirituality
Page Length:
100 – 250 Pages
Book Status:
Working Draft

This campaign will cover the following expenses in self-publishing A Witch’s Book of Silence.

  • 5% of all proceeds are donated to Literacy Projects through Pubslush.com
  • Fees for Pubslush fundraiser hosting
  • ISBN and copyright costs
  • Final re-writes 
  • Final editing process
  • Design and typesetting
  • Printing and hardcover costs
  • Shipment and storage of printed books 
  • Contribution Incentives/Rewards

If the entire goal is met it will allow for

  • Ability to print more books
  • Extra shipping costs
  • Extra climate controlled storage for books
  • Audio recording & editing of exercises and meditations
  • Recording & editing of audio book version

 A Witch’s Book of Silence will be published in hard cover in one, short-print run. Certainly, if this fundraiser does well, I can consider a larger run and a climate controlled storage unit as my apartment is too small and humidity in Florida is decidedly bad for books!

If this fundraiser does really well, it’ll be possible for me to record the exercises and meditations contained in the book.  It’s been proven time and again that most people will not attempt exercises which are written in a book but, given an audio recording they will engage with the exercises, thereby enabling them to actually develop the benefits described in the book!

Finally, if the entire goal is met, I’ll be able to do an audio-book version.  I discuss this a bit below in the Interview segment.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

A Witch’s Book of Silence was born out of decades of studying, practicing and teaching the art of Witchcraft.  During that time, I witnessed research move from library carrels to hand-held devices and the hand-written letter (d)evolve to email and text messaging,   The Age of Information ushered into the Craft burgeoning numbers of people seeking training and, failing that, whatever information they could access. Simultaneously, I noted how Witches continued to hone Knowledge, Will and Daring while Silence fell out of fashion–a silly and inconsequential relic of the past.

As a teacher, I saw students struggle increasingly with the practice of silence.  Within a culture of busy-ness and continual sharing of information both public and private, I saw a development of distrust and fear of silence. A Witch must confront and overcome fear.  A Witch must enter the realms of silence in order to build power, perform effective magic and engage deeply with the mysteries.

A Witch’s Book of Silence is a slight but provocative book comprised of teaching stories, ethical considerations and discussions concerning silence, secrecy, magic, integrity and honor in the Craft.  It examines the ways we deny the importance of silence and how that impacts us individually and collectively.  I offer a variety of exercises designed to bring the practitioner into deep relationship with silence and thereby, themselves, nature and the Gods.  

The practice of silence develops in the Witch several integral and honorable characteristics. While written from the perspective of a Feri Witch, I believe the concerns, practices and resolutions proferred within A Witch’s Book of Silence will be equally valuable when applied to any spiritual path which requires us to develop deep self-awareness, personal integrity, cognizant communication with non-human entities and the use of meaningful speech imbued with creative force.


I prepare to cast this magic out into the world with the sincere hope that A Witch’s Book of Silence helps you, the reader, embrace silence so you can experience the richness and depth of experience it bestows. There are myriad blessings in the quiet spaces betwixt and between.  My intention is to help you open fully to receive them!

I hope you will contribute what you are able so this project can come to completion.


Interview with BlackHeart

What inspired you to write about the power of silence?

I noticed students and peers were having a difficult time understanding what silence is and why it’s necessary to practice it in the Craft.

Silence is a profound way to build power. What started out as an essay for my students developed into much longer piece where I really dove fully into all the issues, concerns, practices and outcomes concerning silence and secrecy in the Craft.

Why publish this particular book now?

I’ve been a writer my whole life. I published my first poem in the local newspaper when I was nine years old. So, it’s really been an inevitability that I would write a book.

People who’ve known me for twenty and thirty years always seem to slip in the question, “Where’s your book?” during any conversation we have. I want to be able to answer, “Right, here!”

I have many books in me and on my desk awaiting their turn. This happens to be the one that’s ready right now. It’s the one that called most loudly to be written. I think it’s an important book. I’m proud of it!

The irony of my first book being about silence is not lost on me. This writing came from a very deep need to use my voice in precisely the ways, “A Witch’s Book of Silence” discusses. Words have great power when carefully chosen.

It seems like we’ve been waiting forever for a book from you. What took so long?

I was preoccupied with solo-parenting two children! That kind of intense demand upon all of my resources—time, energy, focus, money, sleep, creativity–didn’t leave me with much to dedicated to consistent writing habits. Don’t get me wrong, though. Parenting requires that our children become our first priority and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. My children have been my greatest, most exacting teachers and I love them more than life itself!

I was able to write, “A Witch’s Book of Silence” in several sequestrations made possible by my dear friends and magical family. Getting away from all the demands of my daily round meant being able to focus one hundred percent of my attention on getting the draft written.

Now, neither of my kids need me in quite the same all-encompassing way they did when they were little. So, I’ve recently enjoyed the luxury of being able to work on my writing in a much more consistent manner.

What do you hope your readers will come away with after having read this book?

I want my readers to come away with a commitment to practice silence as part of their Craft. I hope they’ll practice the exercises and deepen their spiritual experience. I love it if the book helped evoke an understanding that the Craft (and any other spiritual path) is not something we know about, something we just study or do but what we are. Silence will deepen and ripen the practitioner, making it possible for them to hold, contain and manage power at full capacity. Ultimately, I hope people will come away having clarified and more fully committed themselves to their relationship to themselves, their gods and their Craft.

You’ve been a Craft teacher for a long time. Do you foresee offering workshops that are relative to, “A Witch’s Book of Silence?”

I think the book stands on its own. There are practices in the book and people will either work with those or they won’t. I hope it’s a book people will read again and again. I don’t currently see the need for a workshop but if I receive feedback from readers asking for that, I’ll consider it.

I do intend to offer Silent Retreats for pagans and Witches. This is important–certainly because of everything I wrote about–but also because there is currently nowhere for us to go if we just need a retreat! I’ve searched for such places and found that if I wanted to attend a spiritual retreat–silent or otherwise–I’d need to bend myself into a shape tolerable to a Catholic or Buddhist monastery. Shape-shifting is a great skill to have but it’s not necessarily where you want to expend your energy when in need of the clarity and peace a retreat should offer!

I think Witches and pagans are longing for something very specific when they arrive at a desire for silence. I want very much to honor that longing and help meet that need.

Are you publishing an e-book as well?

I am not publishing an e-book. I’m old fashioned, I guess. I’m enamored of books made of paper that can be held in the hands. I love the shape and scent of them. I love the sound of pages turning. I love waking up with the book I fell asleep reading lying on the floor near the bed. Some people think it’s a sacrilege, but I enjoy writing in books. To me, it means I’ve loved the book, talked back to it, developed relationship with it.

An e-book doesn’t afford any of those tactile pleasures! It’s really important to me that my book be a tangible–not digital–item. I work a lot in digital media recording audio and video for teaching, but a book? No! A book is a book!

What about an audio book? Do you feel the same way about that?

I’m considering it.

I think it might be beneficial for people to hear me reading the book because the written word, as we all know, does not necessarily convey tone of voice. I’m a very honest, provocative writer and teacher and that provocation can be misconstrued. It’s helpful for people to hear my voice so my genuine love and concern as well as my humor come through clearly.

So, yes! An audio book is a possibility if this fundraiser meets the goal I’ll be able to commit the time and energy necessary to recording and editing an audio book version.

Is there anything else you want to say?

Yes, I want to refer back to what I said earlier about being a provocateur.

It’s important to me that people understand that I speak and write provocatively because that’s what’s authentic to me. It’s what comes most naturally. Anytime I’ve made a concerted effort to teach from a softer, easier place, it comes across as false because, for me, it is.

I”ve learned to ask people if they want niceness or honesty. Most people say they want honesty. In that case, I tell them there are only two rules: Don’t get mad and don’t get your feelings hurt.

If you feel mad, hurt or uncomfortable, that’s actually a good thing. Sometimes we don’t realize where we’re stuck with something until it gets poked or prodded. Sometimes anger teaches us to stand up for ourselves. All of that, in my understanding, promotes personal growth and Will. Real change doesn’t happen when we’re being coddled and stroked. It happens outside of our comfort zones. It’s my job, I think, to nudge people outside of those comfort zone. It’s worth it to me to risk upsetting people if it means they learn something along the way. I don’t teach because I want to be liked or popular. I teach because I want to help people lay claim to the power that is their birth-right!

“A Witch’s Book of Silence” knocks, nudges and pushes us to deal with our fear and resistance to silence. It’s one of the most powerful and hard-won tools of the Witch. The power, depth and effectiveness won is worth the struggle we face when confronting our fears.

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