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Sep 9, 2015 5:45 PM ET

TRANSCEND The Feature Film

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 9, 2015

TRANSCEND The Feature Film



A note from the Creator:

My name is Ranelle Golden.  I wasn’t always a writer but when my eyesight was lost I ended up writing for television and film. It’s a funny combination. The visual arts with the visually challenged.  I’m proud to say that my tv series Hit Women, looks like it will be heading into production for a well known network.  This concept is one that lots of talented people have gotten behind, and we are ready to bring it to life with your help.  The exciting part is with this campaign everyone should get paid a little something, even if its only gas money or some kick-ass materials to make those SFXs.

SAG: If we reach $2,500.00 within the first two weeks we will be applying to make this a SAG Production.  SAG gives us the best talent, and makes sure the industry standards are met.

DISTRIBUTION: We are already in talks with distributors who are looking at working with us, even before we’ve made the film.  We will do limited theatrical release for premieres, then straight to dvds and rentals, along with international distribution.  Check back for updates on this as we learn more. 

Before I introduce you to our talent, let me give you a little background of some our team behind the camera


Producer/Creator/Writer/Director – that’s me – and you can find out more about me on

Meet Drew Duncan our DIRECTOR of PHOTOGRAPHY:  Drew Duncan has perfected his craft with over twenty years of award winning work to showcase his talent. Whether he’s Directing, Writing, Producing, Editing or holding the camera, Drew brings the subject of his work to life in ways others may never have imagined. Drew Duncan as part of your team puts you in the lead. This is demonstrated thru numerous Adys, AP Awards and Suncoast Emmys. Drew is also a gifted web designer, and GFX Professional. Some of his clients include A&E’s ‘Sugarloaf’ series, AG Film Project for the Tennis channel,,,, Postman Productions – Dallas, Comcast, Brewster’s Coffee, ESPN and more.

VFX:  – (Currently in talks with some really cool VFXs artist)


Meet Josh Warden our SFX Lead. Josh Warden is a skilled and accomplished SFX Artists, who realistic applications might turn your stomach. But that’s a good thing. Josh graduated from Full Sail University, and has work on numerous films and projects since.  Josh will be lending his talent in prosthetic’s to the Transcend film.  Be sure to check out two of his more recent films “The Investigator and Error in the Menage.  Find out more about him at: 


Meet KRISTI LYNN our Stunt Director and Choreographer.  She’s worked on some big movies: Edge of Darkness, American Hustle, Ted to name a few.  She’s also been a recurring part of the television Body of Proof, and has dozens of other films and indie shorts to her credit.  View her full profile here.

Meet GM ROBERT RIVERA our Stunt Trainer. Robert has taught hundred of students to master the Martial Arts. Robert Luis Rivera began his martial arts journey in 1967 at an early age of five. Through intense training he mastered boxing, fencing, and many styles of martial arts. Eventually, Robert mastered weapons and street fighting. Robert has more than 30 years of teaching to his credit, with award winning students to show for his master skills. Robert has a special place in his heart for Bullying and has dedicated over 30 years teaching his Kampilan Kali System to those affected by bullying with outstanding results. Robert has worked in multiple films as a stunt choreographer and actor. Robert developed a highly sought after system to safely train stunt performs in realistic movements for film and television. Learn more about Robert by visiting his American Academy of Martial Arts website or his IMDB page at


OUR SPECIAL STARS – T/B/A – In negotiations. 


Kyle Anderson, played by Andre Rivera. André has been in several films including Sitter(feature Film) and Indigo(short Film)  and have had extensive training under Yvonne Suhor and JJ at Art-Sake Studio. He’s won Multiple awards at the studio through their “Not Quite The Oscars” award ceremony.


Charlie Anderson, a young Seer about to come into his gift, played by Daniel Forte.  Daniel Forte’ has been acting for about 2 years. He has worked on a few films, like Man in the Mirror and Where have you Been? He can be seen in commercials for: Mall At Millinia, St Lukes Hospital and Swerve Ball. He has worked on TV shows, such as Graceland and The Middle. His favorite client to work for is Scholastic Books. He has done their nation wide catalog a few times, and loves working for them.Another area of interest for Daniel is Modeling and Print. He has been asked to do a photo shoot for a Majestic Sports, a nation wide catalog of sports wear. He has also worked for Addidas, wearing their new styles on the Runway. Daniel is looking forward to his new character, Charlie. As soon as Daniel read the part for Charlie, he knew he wanted that role.

Donna Anderson, the mother and wife who has no idea of the gift the men in her life possess, played by Vanessa Vargas. Vanessa is extremely proud to be a part of the cast of Transcend.  With her debut on the soon to be released feature film, Stratosphere and two projects in pre-production, Vanessa is joining the ranks of up and coming Latina actresses.  She credits her training with Ian Stevens and her experiences, which include working in front and behind the camera of the movie Sex Ed with Haley Joel Osment, several commercials and modeling for IMAN and Sophia Vergaras’ clothing lines, to name a few.

Clifford Anderson, the father that forgot his gift, played by Michael Richartz. A lifelong student of film, and filmmaker, Michael has been sharing his gifts on camera through award winning films like Zombro’s. Now Michael will be bringing his talent to Transcend.

Raquel Anderson, played by Celia IslaCelia has studied with LA-trained instructors Andi Matheny, Carole Gordon and Ian Stevens.  She’s been on a fast track and played principal roles in the independent feature film “We’ll Let You Know” and in the Sunscreen Film Society short films, “Not Meant to Understand” and “Aviator’s Daughter”. Celia is proud to play a role close to the heart in the short film “Lessons of Don Armando” which will be screening at the Sunscreen Film Society West Film Festival in Los Angeles in October.


The Protector (Help us name her with one of our campaign perks), played by Andy Tolbert.  Andy is an expert in self-defense and weapons.  She has taken these skills to launch her career in film and television.  So far she appears to be a natural and it’s going great.  She’s appeared in a handful of film and is the armor on the upcoming tv series Hit Women. 

Xalantina the head of Witches Coven, played by Vickie Westmark.  Vickie is a highly educated engineer whose love of the arts has lead her to extensive training and work in film, television, and commercials.  Vickie appreciates all acting techniques and is currently focusing on Meisner and Chekhov methods.  She has studied with Larry Silverberg, Truthful Acting Studios, AdLib Theatre, Michael Chekhov Studio Orlando, and Art Sake Studios.



Doctor Cage, the orchestrater of the Master of Hell’s plan.  Played by Mary Leonard.  Mary Leonard has been in over a dozen films, many award winning, since her career began in 2011. She has the ability to transform a character’s feelings and dramatic situations & make it true to life. A dancer at heart, Mary is a true professional.  She likes to make the projects fun, believable and meaningful. Her motto is to Be Kind to Each Other, Live, Love, Laugh & Dance.

The Predator (help us name him with one of our campaign perks) played by GM Robert Rivera  – CHECK OUT his bio above in our Crew.  :)

Xalactus, a powerful being here doing the work of the Master of Hell.  Played by Sean Bartram. Sean has a vast character palette, ranging from friendly and comical to dark and ominous.  His training in martial arts and firearms brings an authenticity to his physical acting that instills his characters with realism.  His acting and stunt work can be seen in award-winning films like Peace, Love, Unity, Retribution and Salvage.

and many many more talented actors and actresses we will introduce you to as the weeks pass. 


Transcend will be shooting in Central Florida with its interesting locations and history.


Many of us are going to be working on deferred completely, that includes producers, director, writers and a few others. They will get paid when this is in distribution.  But to make sure all of our people get something we have actually done the budgets ATL and BTL.  We honestly need to raise almost 40K.  This includes 5K for the MPAA ratings, insurance and legal. However, the people attached to this project on camera and behind the camera believe in it so much that they are will to work with us to get it fully produced. That being said we have selected the amount of $15K because this covers most of the hard costs for wardrobe, MUA, SFX, editing, music, crafts and a few others.

We’ve put together a crazy bunch of perks, and we hope you will find one that you would love to have.  If you can’t contribute – even sharing the campaign is a huge step in moving forward. 


We can’t say that there aren’t any.  So here’s the bottom line.  If we don’t raise enough, then we will make this as an episodic series for the web.

THANK YOU with all our heart for reading this and helping us to spread the word..


Contact Information:

Ranelle Golden Screenwriter

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