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Sep 9, 2015 6:56 PM ET

Archived: The spiral of adventure: working on a portfolio of original photographs

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 9, 2015

The spiral of adventure



Eleonore Nitzschke Is working on a portfolio of original photographs depicting personalities from the art world, politics, movie stars, tribal chiefs, and original characters showing themselves the way they want to be seen with her spiral . 130 people have already posed for Eleonore Nitzschké who is taking pictures with film, ( not with digital camera ) and all this pictures has not been printed yet, Julio Le Parc, Denise René, Pierre Bergé, Yacoov Agam, Orlan , Lea Lee , etc … She also travel with the spiral and take pictures mixed with her own imagination , with the 4 elements , earth, air , fire , water , trees , movement of this adventure. The spiral is used in many civilizations as a symbol of the roots of life : in China, Tibet, Africa, in the Pre – Colombian civilizations, among Native American Indians and Ancient Celts. In Taoism, it represents vital energy in microcosm as well as macrocosm. even the shape of our galaxy is a spiral. Eleonore is also the Curator of an exhibit project : for museum and galleries, and plan to get in touch with the top powerful talented people in the art world . The exhibition will begin with early antiquity, showing the different spirals in the oldest civilizations. It will proceed by showing significant artists in modern art using the spiral or circles close to the spiral. The purpose of the exhibition is to show that throughout art history, the spiral contributed was a universal symbol used in their creation. The more recent part of the exhibition will present contemporary kinetic artists using the spiral and circles to express movement; and the inspiration by the Masters artist from the 20 century as Marcel Duchamp, Alexander Calder . Eleonore Nitzschke will create also an artistic installation made with a combination of light in movement, and transparencies for a tribute to Alexander Calder , hopefully with the blessing of the Calder Foundation in this exhibit project. All this work has been previously registered at INPI in Paris and at the Library of Congress of the Copyright in Washington DC in USA and are under the Copyright protection of Lea Lee Art LLC Agency in New York City : Lea Lee Art LLC Agency is the world wide agent representative of all the work of Eleonore Nitzschké . We need to raised funds to print a limited serie of silver print photographs , ( in black and white and color in c – print and cibachrome ), to published a book , and pay all the expenses of Eleonore Nitzschké for the 100 great fashion spiral shooting between Paris – New York – LA , Hollywood schjedule for 2016 , buy the right video photo equipment , to make a film video with interviews and work with a good team to complete this project and make our dreams become true .

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Eleonore Nitzschke
Lea Lee

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