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Sep 9, 2015 10:31 AM ET

Archived: Spritelings – Help bring cute to life!: Kids and Spritelings, building a new world together

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 9, 2015

Spritelings – Help bring cute to life!

Spritelings are a colorful group of nomadic creatures that have traveled the universe for eons. After colonizing the swamp-covered planet of Ocherecho, the Spritelings are faced with the reality that the other creatures on Ocherecho are not quite as welcoming as the Spritelings would like. In fact, some of the predators on this planet, if given the chance, swallow up a tribe of Spritelings whole. Echo Spriteling, the leader of the tribe, was given the task of finding a new planet to call home, and he picked Earth.

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The Spritelings are the end result of 15 years of creating creatures in sketchbooks, developing cute personalities and planning a world for them to live in. We’ve devoted quite a bit of time to tweaking each Spriteling and breathing life into them. It is our goal to create a series with a positive message. The emphasis on hope, good will, and friendship is the core theme of this project. Earlier this year, we decided to finally make a debut with the Spritelings by introducing their plush versions to Virginia Comic Con.

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The kids loved the Spritelings and we sold out in less than two hours. We knew we were finally on to something and that our hard work accomplished what it set out to do… to build a world. We spend countless hours working with young people that are fans of Spritelings. We hold design contests that encourage young designers by allowing them to design their own Spritelings. Young writers are encouraged to assist us with Spriteling stories. We have always wanted Spritelings to be interactive. Our project allows us to process the ideas that kids submit into something tangible. We live in an age where this is possible. Can you imagine how exciting it must be for a child’s design to be seen by 12,000 Spriteling fans!

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This is where you come in! Although we have made great strides in bringing the Spritelings to Earth, we need your support to forge ahead and solidify the Spriteling adventure. We are currently working on plushies, a video game, a web comic, and a novel. This MsGenuity funding campaign is to assist us in getting a fan created version of Echo transformed into a professional plushie form.


We have worked with two factories and have come up with a super cute design that we feel really does fit the characters. For this campaign, you can choose from Echo, Banna, Tulip, an exclusive white version of Echo, or the crowd funded Watermelon Echo. You can also support us by choosing the awesome sticker packs or button pack rewards. These are high quality 4″ stickers and 2.5″ buttons. We need your help to get Watermelon Echo produced!!

Take some time and check out the reward section below.

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Kids love their Spritelings so much that they send us photos from all over the world!



Thank you for supporting the Spritelings!! We believe in the power of cute! Do you?


Join the Spriteling Army of Cute. We have an army of fans that is over 7000!!!! Join today and help spread the word.

Click below for our facebook page. Thank you so much!

Website: Spritelings.com
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Spritelings
Twitter profile: https://twitter.com/spritelings

Contact Information:

Tony McClenny

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