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Sep 9, 2015 1:44 PM ET


iCrowdNewswire - Sep 9, 2015


Richa Nidhi Mili's Photo

Richa Nidhi Mili's Photo

Richa Nidhi Mili's Photo

Richa Nidhi Mili's Photo



School Details:

Government Higher Primary School Karadigodu is located in Coorg District, Karnataka. It has 56 students across pre-school through Grade 7, all of whom belong to the local village / tribes.

Their Objective (As described by the school’s executive committee):

  • To transform the schooling experience of tribal and village children into an exciting and enriching one, while simultaneously improving their employment prospects.
  • To shift the focus of under privileged children from attending school primarily for free lunch, to one where they take pride in the joy of learning and acquiring real life skills that can help them in their chosen vocational fields.

Two years ago, the school set out to set up internet access, collect sports equipment, create a garden to grow organic vegetables, start teaching spoken English, and to create a library of age appropriate books in English.

Nidhi was a significant contributor in this endeavor, and the school has already accomplished some of these goals, but needs funds to maintain their growth.

Current needs:

The school is currently looking for funds to build new bathrooms for the kids to use. The current WC’s are in very bad condition, and don’t have flushes or a wash basin for the kids to clean their hands properly.  The estimated cost for this is 70,000 INR (~1100 USD)

Funds will be used for the following:

1. Break down or upgrade the tiles and toilets.

2. Change all the toilet doors

3. Paint the interiors of the restrooms, and also the exterior wall of the school if there are enough funds

4. Install a motor to supplement the water supply currently available so that flush tanks can be installed.

5. Install a wash basin

With additional funds they can:

  • Create a small play area with swings and slides
  • Create a monetary pool for continued internet services in the future
  • Continue to build the library
  • Continue to work on the organic garden for fresh produce

How the funds will be transferred to India:  

The funds will be personally handed to a friend who visits/manages/and oversees these projects, so every dollar will be fully utilized directly for the benefit of the school. Contact details for the school principal can be provided upon request, and we will gladly provide updates and pictures over the next few months as the school makes progress towards its goals.


Contact Information:

Richa Nidhi Mili

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