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Sep 9, 2015 8:48 AM ET

Archived: JuiceBox – The Smartphone Charging Essential: The JuiceBox, the lightweight, simple, and efficient solution to short battery life

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 9, 2015

Now Available in Micro USB!

 JuiceBox is proud to announce that we have just released the Micro USB version for Samsung! Micro USB JuiceBox sets will also contain a 3 foot long double shielded charging cable as well as a wall adapter. Our Micro USB chargers will hold the same price as our lightning chargers, and also maintain the same shipping schedule.

High level details

•We have two versions of the JuiceBox, supporting iPhone and Samsung

•Charges for 20 minutes allows you to hold an hour of battery life for both iPhone and Samsung.

•No compromises on quality of the JuiceBox: top ABS plastic, top lithium ion battery, and a double shielded charging cable for maximum durability.

•JuiceBox starts shipping in November with top tier rewards shipping late October.

Anytime, anywhere, anyplace.

With just a 20 minute charge, give your smartphone an extra hour of life. Smallest charger with the biggest punch on the market guaranteed. The full retail price for the JuiceBox will be $13, so you’re signing up for a deal of under half price by supporting us on Kickstarter. We will not be retailing the JuiceBox until all of our Kickstarter rewards have been shipped.

We’ been making and designing batteries for almost 5 years now, with big success. By designing a portable, high quality, compact charger, our dream is that one day everyone will have the JuiceBox ready to enhance their phones. Our company goal is to make the JuiceBox a key tool used not only in your personal life, but wherever you need it. For just $9 we want to drastically improve and increase the amount you are able to achieve in any given day.

While first developing the ion battery in the JuiceBox, we discovered an important yet complicated problem: size. As we increased the amount of testing, our team was able to drastically shrink battery size while maximizing quality. Being only from the highest grade materials available, the JuiceBox has found its maximum potential.

Us here at JuiceBox HQ have a fully functional product that has been in use for months without error. We have designed an easy to use and carry product that has exceeded expectations and is fully ready to be produced on a large scale.

Simple and convenient, without compromise

We’ve added the entire set – the exclusive compact JuiceBox, a 3 foot long double shielded charging cable, a wall adapter, and the cheapest yet best design ever created – without changing what matters most to you:

•Slim, easy to use design

•Up to an hour of battery life

•20 minute charge for a ready to go experience

•Water resistant and durable

•One snap, and it’s ready to go

•No bulk, to stay out of your daily life

•A lifesaving tool

•A cheap and affordable solution to increasing smartphone proficiency

•Ships anywhere in the world, for free

•Two versions of the JuiceBox supporting iPhone as well as micro USB devices

•A durable, waterproof case for all JuiceBoxes

Introducing the JuiceBox Keychain!

We have begun production of the first JuiceBox Keychain holder! The JuiceBox Keychain will be a part of all reward tiers – without altering our price. For all versions of the JuiceBox, we will include a reinforced plastic case that is 100% waterproof. For more details, please refer to our reward tiers and for any questions please do not hesitate to contact our staff for information.

International Backers

We’re proud to have JuiceBox supporters in over 125 countries. We are shipping JuiceBox worldwide without charge, to give back and reach everyone who has invested in making the JuiceBox become a reality. Delivery times may vary depending on location, please contact our team by emailing JuiceBoxHeadquaters@gmail.com for details.

Estimated Delivery

Top reward tiers have different estimated shipment than the lower reward tiers, being two weeks earlier. While these are not expected to change, it is possible that the estimated shipment month change. For any and all concerns, please contact our team by emailing JuiceBoxHeadquaters@gmail.com.


Each JuiceBox includes with a 60 day (starting on date of delivery) money back guarantee and 1 year limited warranty. For more information concerning our warranty policies, please contact JuiceBoxHeadquaters@gmail.com.

Need help? We’re here for you.

If you have questions at any time, about anything, during or after our campaign has closed, you can always reach the JuiceBox staff at JuiceBoxHeadquaters@gmail.com. Our team will respond within one to two business days, with no automated messaging to provide a more personal aspect of customer service.

Contact Information:


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