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Sep 8, 2015 11:32 AM ET

Archived: UNFINISHED BUSINESS: After the death of her grandmother, 22-year-old Bailey Wallace is haunted by a ghost that lurks in her house

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 8, 2015



Film-making is my life. It’s the only thing I’ve ever really had a passion for, and I have felt the desire to create cinematic projects since I was eight years old. My childhood was spent watching any horror film I could get my hands on, and by the time I was  ten years old, I had seen numerous horror classics and was already a complete genre fanatic. My grandfather owned and operated a movie theater in the small town of Sulligent, AL. for many years before I was born so I often wonder if my love for film was passed down from him. My earliest memories are not only of watching classics like Halloween, Carrie, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and The Shining, but also of having a deep desire to create my own versions of those films. 
This project is something I feel I have been working toward my entire life. I have always wanted to make a genre film and Unfinished Business is my first venture into accomplishing that goal. It is inspired by all of the previous films I mentioned but is actually nothing like them. It is my own take at creating something magical, something that hopefully will one day be recognized as a classic among the genre. There truly is something magical about a great genre film and the experience they create, and having experienced this as a fan, I want to give back by doing my best to create a memorable work of my own. 
When I was 12, I went to see The Blair Witch Project on opening weekend. I can recall the trip very vividly. My mom and I were both very excited about the film and had been eating up all the marketing surrounding it. I can still remember the energy in the theater from that night. As we took our seats, we encountered a woman who was preparing for her second viewing of the film, and she told us that it was the scariest film that she had seen since the original Texas Chainsaw massacre. Even as a kid, I knew how big of a statement that was. It has long been a dream of mine to one day create a horror film that would inspire the same time of reaction from audiences, and with your help, I believe I can make that film with Unfinished Business. 
I have been training my whole life for this project. Now is the time for Unfinished Business. 

Reeling after her grandmother succumbs to a long battle with cancer, 22-year-old Bailey Wallace has her life thrown into even more disarray when she begins to suspect that the home she shared with her grandmother may be haunted by a ghost lurking deep in the basement. 
Left alone in the house when her parents go out of town, Bailey notices the ghostly activity increase, and finds herself being haunted not only by the house, but by fragments of her childhood that stab at her in quick bursts, slowly reminding her of a terrible event that happened in the basement, something that she’s blocked out for years: the death of her older sister, at the hands of a man Bailey barely remembers, her own grandfather. 
As the haunting and her own mind start to spiral out of control, Bailey must face what her grandfather did, and also realize that her grandfather’s ghost may have returned to the house with the intention of finishing some horrible business that he started many years ago. 

Through our perks the film will be available via digital download, DVD, or blu-ray. You’ll also be able to get our other three feature films! 
We plan to take the film to the festival circuit and acquire distribution, but will also have a plan in place to distribute the film in-house through our distribution model, Sleep Creature Releasing. 
It is very important to us that all of our films reach their intended audience and this project in particular is meant to be a stepping stone into a more traditional distribution model, and to open up doors for getting more mainstream works completed in the future. For Unfinished Business, we will be targeting some of the biggest film festivals and genre festivals in the world. 
Contact Information:

Jay Burleson

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