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Sep 8, 2015 2:07 PM ET

Archived: Sosho App: a new upcoming innovative disruptor app and future media platform

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 8, 2015

Sosho App




Sosho is a new upcoming innovative disruptor app and future media platform. This app being created with the sole purpose of delivering real-time social events on the spot so the world can take action. It was designed and invented by Marlon Ewell, in Michigan. Sosho has the usability and functionality of a Vine or Instagram, but on a social justice scale. The ethos of the app is to be a deliberate tool to relegate real and socially important events in one’s community. It has a global perspective in which all people can relay the message and importance of taking action, upholding responsibility and being diligent in protecting their entities, family, and community.

What makes this app so unique

  • Why Do We Need Sosho?
  • To make the world community responsible for its actions. To document any situations which may go unnoticed. To assist law enforcement and prosecution. A faster outlet to information across the nation, for individuals and media. To change the structure of hidden activities which can harm people in a whole. Rebuild and connect communities.
  • What Makes It Different?
  • Vine/Youtube – It is used primarily for entertainment. Geared towards just highlighting more or less the enjoyable parts of life. Vine Video is short (6 Seconds) and no additional information. Not focused material too much variable content.
  • Mobile Justice – It is geared towards knowing your rights in front of police and being able to relay that information on sight to ACLU primarily.
  • Sosho – It is primarily used for all forms social events and injustice, that need to be recorded and reported. The content to upload will be up to a 1:30 minutes. There will be detailed explanations of each video. It has networks, news, and media which the user will be able to directly send to.
  • How Does It Work?
  • Functionality – It has all the same functionalities as a Vine and Instagram. It is available on any mobile app store. It is quick and able to pull up and use easily.
  • What Separates It? – Records Up To 1:30 minutes Requires detailed information of each upload. Has an voice recording only option. Quick share with Media, Friends and Community/Forum. Text Options and Social Networking. Will be made adaptable to other Social Networks. (Facebook, Snapchat, Reddit)
  • Additional Info:
  • This device is geared towards any age and demographic that wants to partake in a new form of social activism in their community. Whether you are a student, or work in a business, this device will allow you to record the necessary things to help make your community better. It will be productive by getting the attention of people in the proper positions to effectively change various important social matters. It is important for the world today to have a resource, which can help benefit, themselves and others. This app will be able to prevent certain things that are harmful that continue to occur in their lives and community.

Why we need your support

  • Secure Developer & Development for iOS , Android, & Web
  • Marketing Campaign & Promotion
  • App Store Fee’s For Multiple Platforms
Contact Information:

Marlon Ewell

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