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Sep 8, 2015 1:14 PM ET

Archived: LIVV Headphones: The FIRST Premium Over-Ear Wireless Active Headphone!

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 8, 2015

LIVV Headphones are the first premium over-ear, wireless, active headphones that give you freedom you deserve so you can #LIVVFREE.

Founder and former NFL Player Mark Clayton set out to revolutionize the way we use athletic headphones. Plagued by never being able to find a pair that would survive his rigorous NFL workouts he realized a need for a true durable, athletic headphone for athletes and active people alike.

We are excited to be featured on BackerClub.co this week! They are the top community for people who are very serious about crowdfunding sites and we are really looking forward to the feedback and support from their community of super-backers!

LIVV Headphones are an experience for anyone living an active lifestyle. For the extreme sports enthusiasts who live for that moment of freedom: catching big air, sprints on the gridiron, hoops on the hardwood, and free runners. LIVV Headphones are also for anyone who is active and on the go.

LIVV Headphones SureFit Band is the first of its kind, breaking the mold of the traditional band that goes over the top of the head. The sleek and sexy, minimalistic band is made in a way that gives the headphones the ability to really fit snug to the head and at the same time not apply a painful amount of tension to the head. 

Designed with convenience in mind LIVV Headphones come equipped with on-board controls that allow you to manage it all straight from the headphones. You can pair your cellphone using Bluetooth 4.0 and with the built-in mic, take calls without missing a beat. Enjoy up 4,000 songs with the 8GB MP3 on-board storage.

Go as hard as you want, for as long as you want! LIVV Headphones have a 10 – 12 hour rechargeable battery. That’s more than enough juice to power you through. If that wasn’t enough, they also come with removable memory foam pads. For ultra comfortable, prolonged wear.

We have a passion for music, as we’re sure most of you do as well. That’s why we teamed up with Dale Lott CEO of Aurisonics to develop a headphone that delivers that premium sound you crave! Get inspired by the music that moves you, without compromising on style and quality.

LIVV Headphones combine an MP3 Player, just the right amount of tension, and amazing sound quality to give you the freedom to truly #LIVVFree. Move as fast as you want, in any direction you feel. Stream music from your device free from wires. You can even leave your device behind so it doesn’t weigh you down!

Our SureFit Band is the first of its kind. This lightweight band applies the perfect amount of tension providing unrivaled functionality allowing you to live an active lifestyle in comfort.

LIVV has combined an 8GB MP3 Player (up to 4000 songs) and Bluetooth 4.0 functionality to finally free you from wires, making the use of your cellphone during activity truly an option.

We have worked with our manufacturer to deliver a premium active headphone that is Waterproof, Sweat-proof and Dust-proof. Now worry less about sweat or water and focus on maximizing your workout.


IP67 Waterproofing: Protected against dust; complete protection against contact. Waterproof in up to 1 meter for limited periods of time.

Stand out from the pack with coordinating color styles. Initially, LIVV headphones will only come in black and white but we want to be able to make a variety of colors. Different color LIVV Headphones with interchangeable ear pads allow you to express your true self. This feature requires additional development effort and hitting this stretch goal will allow us to give you some vibrant color options.

We know for the music lovers out there extra storage is a must! LIVV would like to offer 16GB MP3 storage in addition the the 8GB MP3 storage, for those who don’t want to be limited. In order to make this a possibility we need to pump up the volume! Hitting the $1,000,000 mark will ensure that we have enough orders to meet this need and bring this to life. 

Back in 2011, after always running into issues during intense training sessions Mark realized he wasn’t the only one who experienced these frustrations. After feeling inspired, Mark started sketching his idea for LIVV Headphones.

Mark's Original Sketch
Mark’s Original Sketch

Out of a need we’ve identified a solution. Trying to find a way to eliminate this common problem LIVV Headphones was born. 

LIVV Headphones are engineered by Aurisonics, Inc. a Nashville, TN (Music City) based professional audio product company. Aurisonics was founded in 2011 by veteran master audio engineer and audio products designer Dale Lott, with the goal of making products that truly allow customers to “hear it” and “live it.”

When you pledge for a set of LIVV headphones, rest assured that LIVV has been engineered not only to stay on your head comfortably, but to also sound insanely good.

Dale Lott and Mark put the final touches on the first prototype
Dale Lott and Mark put the final touches on the first prototype
  • Finalized Software
  • Production Tooling
  • Large Component Order
  • Global Certifications
  • Innovative Packaging Design

In early 2012, a recently retired NFL standout, Mark Clayton began LIVV. Mark is now a budding entrepreneur and creator, who has successfully used his on-the-field ability to create the cutting-edge technology that gave birth to LIVV headphones. The name was inspired by the ability to “Live Free–free from wires, free from restrictions, free from limits.” He added the extra V as emphasis and a creative spin on the word that is as unique as the design.

Dale, founder and CEO of Aurisonics, brings over twenty years of audio mastering, forensic audio analysis and product design to LIVV. His extensive knowledge of product design and manufacturing, software, video and audio production along with live sound production is vastly beneficial to the organization and quality of the product. Dale started Aurisonics in 2011 to build high-end custom in-ear hearing protection and monitoring systems for musicians. His passion for audio fidelity, design ingenuity and his ability to engineer flawless aesthetics has assisted in shaping what we know today as LIVV Headphones.

Dani has a tenacity and passion that is contagious. Interpreting data and analytics to constantly evolve strategy and consistently deliver ROI drives her. Her passion shows in her ability to turn data into a story. She brings more than eight years of experience to LIVV. Her day-to-day focus as the Chief Strategy Officer is marketing, business development and operations. She is our guru in an online and offline strategy and execution including social media, e-mail, promotions, experiential, public relations, advocacy and UX. Dani has worked in the CPG, financial, professional, collegiate and amateur sports, retail, events and entertainment industries with organizations such as, The North Face, Gore-Tex, AT&T, Frito Lay, McDonalds, LIVV Headphones, Zevia, Yucatan Foods, Oklahoma State University, The University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma City Thunder, PBR, Mid-American Junior Golf Tour and several others.

Contact Information:

Mark Clayton
Dale Lott
Dani Chandler

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