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Sep 8, 2015 12:00 AM ET

If You’re Passionate About Something You Want You Should Go For It. If Not The What Ifs Will Haunt You Forever!

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 8, 2015


Hello world welcome to my very first Kickstarter, my very first album, my very first…..you get the idea lol. The title of this album is Smooth Motivation! That’s the feeling I want to portray throughout every song. A feeling of motivation, of being guided through tough times in life also tough times in the world (uhhh kinda like now) and that’s also the reason why I feel that now is the perfect time to do this. I’m creating this project to promote/spread positivity throughout the world. Don’t get me wrong I don’t think the world is all bad, however I feel like every avenue of positivity should be explored in order for us to pave the way for generations to come. Ultimately the things we do now will impact our future because the younger generation IS our future. So with positive words, positive vibes and catchy tunes lol I want to play my part in making the world a better place!

So a little bit of background of my music. First off it didn’t always start off as this giant thing I wanted to release to everyone that’s for sure. It literally started off as a way to talk to myself (I’m not weird) when I was feeling down. The mirror got tired of listening to my struggles lol so one day I wrote a poem, which I would refer to when I was feeling down, mad etc. That poem became transferred into a song and then it just blossomed from there. Music is a hobby of mine, but story writing is my passion. Aside from music, I’m working on my very first novel (another very first) not quite along the lines of motivation but it’s a story of my life told in a different way. (i.e fantasy fiction) The music I write helps me stay motivated to pursue that dream, it helps me to fight for what I believe in and keep pushing. I strongly believe with your help not only can my music influence others but maybe the entire world one day. This is something I believe in and something I feel is worth fighting for. That’s really the ultimate goal and why I’m asking for your help into making this project a reality. The money you are contributing will be going towards buying  exclusive rights to the tracks for the album, mastering and recording, CD creating, distributing, graphics, and everything towards the successful creation of this project. This is a surreal feeling to even be in a position where I feel ready to share my passion like this, but a wise man once said “I can accept Failure, everyone fails at something but I can’t accept not trying” -Michael Jordan-

The Risks and challenges for this project are pretty substantial, but not necessarily with this project alone. It’s after that the risk comes in like with any dream or endeavor being pursued. All of my time, energy, and savings have gone into this project. The more I continue to write, the more I’m beginning to understand this is what I’m supposed to be doing. My calling so to speak. So with the successful ending of this project I plan on doing writing full time. May not sound overly risky or challengy, but literally this will mark the beginning of the rest of my life! And for layman’s terms how about we paint a visual.

Reggie slowly opens the door to the roof of the highest building. Strong gusts of wind press against his skin as he exits. The door slams shut behind him. He peers at the door for a short while before taking a deep breath and pressing forward. As he thinks of his next moves suddenly a bridge appears before him. There’s no railings on the bridge and the gusts from the wind rock it back and forth. Looking below the bridge Reggie notices terrible things. There’s sharks, snakes, zombies, and making left turns at a intersection with no stop light(Am I the only one who hates that). His breathing becomes rapid and he debates turning away, but notices something on the bridge before he does. There’s letters on the bridge that spell out the word FAITH. Reggie closes his eyes and searches for all the courage inside his heart. Placing one foot on the bridge he realizes. It’s time to step out on faith and reach the next level in his life!

Contact Information:

Name: Reggie Mckeiver
Email: [email protected]

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