bot2bot is a universal cloud based Platform for M2M/IoT. We service retail, commercial, and industrial markets, and have the 1st Social Platform for Machines, Processes and Humans - iCrowdNewswire

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Sep 8, 2015 3:14 PM ET bot2bot is a universal cloud based Platform for M2M/IoT. We service retail, commercial, and industrial markets, and have the 1st Social Platform for Machines, Processes and Humans

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 8, 2015

bot2bot is a universal cloud based Platform for M2M/IoT. We service retail, commercial, and industrial markets, and have the 1st Social Platform for Machines, Processes and Humans. We are not a start-up but a group that takes established operating companies and supercharges them with major Global Brands, cloud based services and strategic relationships.



Prior Year RevenueCurrent Year RevenueNext Year Revenue
Company AgeEmployeesSub-Industry
20 years, 3 months100Other Computer Systems & Devices

Products / Services

bot2bot – Universal Cloud Platform for Machines + the Machines

We make money through two business lines:
1st line: Cloud based Platform Services for Social for M2M/IoT,
Retail IoT Platform branded by Major Retail Brands.
Industrial M2M Platform also Branded by major industry brands.

2nd line: Design/Engineering & Manufacturing of M2M/IoT devices under major Brand Names.
Design/Engineering & Manufacturing of M2M/IoT for Retail Clients
Incubator for IoT Designs from all of our clients.

Revenue is generated on a per click basis, subscription basis, % of pass-thru sales, device wholesaling, and combinations of recurring revenue and device sales.

We do not displace anyone in the ecosystem, we are providing the missing link. Many companies have built peer-to-peer apps-hardware combinations, some have even built proprietary “Platforms”. But even this does not solve the interoperability problem of humans surrounded by millions of devices. bot2bot is the solution.

bot2bot – work/social for machines, processes & humans

Facebook for Machines, Processes and Humans

We are surrounded by machines. They are watching us all the time, but we really do not know what they are doing.

Today you need a separate app or portal for every machine you have, from your PC, cellphone, cable box, and even your furnace and refrigerator.

The bot2bot platform allows you to find and easily setup all of your devices so they talk just to you, or who you decide to share with.

No more keeping track of passwords and tricky logins. The system is simple.

It allows you to take your Internet of Things (IoT) and quickly establish who is boss. You decide how it is managed and communicated. It’s all up to you,

Note: Facebook App is in Development

M2M/IoT Manufacturing

This has been the primary revenue source to the Company. bot2bot also provides engineering/design & manufacturing of M2M/IoT devices. These are made and either sold by brand-name clients, or sold under major brand names through both retail and business channels.

We have 19 years of experience and thousands of devices that have defined our reputation as a leader. We are qualified to do M2M/IoT for FDA Medical, and Global Consumer UL/ETL/CE/ISO certifications are held.

We have a rapid development program and incubator program for smart ideas to get to market under one of our global brand names.

Retail IoT Platform

The revenue model is developed for large consumer retail partners where we provide a global platform.

The specific IoT’s drive direct ordering and revenue through our platform. We wholesale the devices to the name-brand, and provide the M2M/IoT platform.

This is paid for through revenue sharing on device orders, which 15% is a common level. This has an operating gross margin of 70%.

bot2bot Industrial M2M Platform

bot2bot provides Industry with a seamless method to take all the digital inputs from the factory to the mobile vehicle and feed them into industry leading ERP systems. We also work in Agriculture and provide the Agricultural Industry with a seamless method to take all the digital inputs from the barn to the field and feed them into industry leading ERP systems. A third area is Construction, where we take all the digital inputs from the construction site, the mobile vehicle, and the remote office and feed them into industry leading ERP systems.

Universal M2M/IoT Platform w/ M2M/IoT Engineering-Manufacturing

Universal M2M/IoT Platform
• Architected for Industrial, Commercial, and Consumer use. Any Machine, Any Thing.
• A true Poly-State environment.
• Complete device configuration control, hardware config, software config, communications config, behavior, decode/encode, priority, scheduling, audit
• Platform includes complete decision support system.
• 100% of data captured and classified, data can be later mined.
• This Platform closes the Human-Process-Machine loop, providing direct ERP/MRP/ARP information on any device or App, via WEB App, Tablet App, and Mobile App.
• One App, many different machines, we reduce the Device-to-Human-to-App ratio.

• Consumer
• Consumer Retail
• Prosumer
• Commercial Office
• Commercial Warehouse
• Commercial Manufacturing
• Industrial Stationary
• Industrial Mobile
• Industrial Mixed
• Agriculture
• Construction
• Military
• Services Inside
• Services Outside



MarketAnnual Size% Growth Rate
Internet of Things – Machine to Machine$1,900,000,000,00020 %
Retail IoT Platform$200,000,00053 %
Industrial M2M/IoT Platform$1,600,000,00019 %


Chief Executive Officer
Allen Witters

Allen WittersAllen has led private and public companies from startup to multibillion-dollar businesses representing diverse industries with operations and distribution in domestic and international markets. He has managed operations and staffs in 22 countries that serviced 88 countries around the globe, including Japan, China, South America, Europe, Middle East and the Soviet Republic. He has led multiple corporate development transactions, financing and purchase agreements ranging in value from $1 million to $9.6 billion, and managed several post-acquisition business transitions and integration initiatives. Mr. Witters created one of the 1st cloud platforms in the world, providing IaaS, SaaS, and PaaS on a transactional basis.

Kevin Magenis

Kevin MagenisMr. Magenis is as proven leader and innovator in the digital storage industry for over 30 years. Kevin founded Storage Genetics, which developed game changing signal processing technology for the flash industry (4 bits per cell over the previous standard of 2 bits per cell), obtained over 50 patent applications, and sold the company to Micron Electronics in 2010. Kevin also co-founded Cornice, Inc. Kevin served as VP of Engineering for Maxtor Corporation producing 15 consecutive industry leading HDD products that were the sole source to Dell for their computers for over three years due to superior quality. During this period Kevin was instrumental in helping Maxtor grow its annual revenue from $500 million to over $2.5 billion, taking the company private and then public again.
Kevin earned a BSEE from Oregon State University, with graduate MBA studies at Boise State and Stanford University.

Chief Financial Officer
Ted Galovan

Ted GalovanTed has led both private and public companies as (President, Chief Financial Officer, and SVP Business Development) from startup companies to multibillion-dollar businesses operating in the technology, financial services, specialty retailing, manufacturing, and consumer product sectors, with operations and distribution in domestic and international markets. He has significant experience with private equity groups, working with North Castle Partners while serving as Chief Financial Officer for EAS Sports Nutrition. Ted’s total closed funding/transactional experience is over $1.5 billion. These transactions include the acquisition and divestiture of six companies totaling over $1.1 billion in transactional experience, and $355 million in securing debt financing for corporations.

Chief Development
Curt Warfield

Curt WarfieldCurt is one of the early innovators in the rapid prototyping industry. A preeminent facet of Curt’s background includes decades of experience with Asia-based manufacturers of small precision components with Nippon Densan Corporation. Curt was Senior Product Manager and Engineering Manager at Wam!Net with Allen Witters, as the network grew to carry more traffic than the internet in the early 1990’s.

Mr. Warfield is a founder/co-founder of six businesses. These companies conduct business in the disciplines of web based subscription services; solar energy, product development services, and manufacturing. Most of his career’s activities have involved international scope. His first M&A success occurred in 1987, when the brushless DC motor company he founded acquired an electronic controls design and manufacturing company.

Executive Vice President Marketing
Mathen Ganesan

Mathen Ganesan
Mathen was co-founder of Storage Genetics which developed game changing signal processing technology for the Flash industry, obtained over 50 patent applications, and was sold to Micron Technology in 2010. As Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Business Development, Mathen was responsible for Go-To-Market Planning and Strategic Partnerships. Prior to Storage Genetics, Mathen ran International Sales at Cornice, Inc. (with Kevin Magenis) the first company to produce the consumer oriented “micro” HDD.
Mathen’s focus has always been on introducing disruptive technologies and services into high growth markets, demonstrated by repeatedly building revenues from zero to in excess of $150M for various Semiconductor and Storage Technology companies. He has also acted as a consultant and advisor to companies in the Mobile Advertising, and Music/New Media markets, successfully integrating value added software applications into over 100 million end user devices.

Contact Information:

Allen Witters
Kevin Magenis
Ted Galovan
Curt Warfield
Mathen Ganesan

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