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Sep 8, 2015 10:40 AM ET

Archived: BEIBAMBOO: Super soft eco-friendly clothes for baby’s tender skin

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 8, 2015

BEIBAMBOO: Super soft eco-friendly clothes for baby’s tender skin 



In order not to irritate your baby’s sensitive skin, we have put a lot of thought into Beibamboo’s designs. Our essential clothing envelopes your tender little one in a super soft bamboo/organic cotton mix.  

  • Super soft bamboo and cotton clothing regulates a baby’s body temperature for extra comfort because our material with silk like qualities feels warm if the temperature is cool, and feels cool when the temperature is warm.
  • Innovative design makes dressing your little one a calm, hassle-free experience
  • All garments have adjustable sizes for longer usage
  • We have chosen to produce our garments in only milky white to avoid un-necessary dyes.
  • Our clothes are available in five different ribbon- and label colors, with very few seams and no irritating labels inside
  • Our snaps and zippers are nickel-free, and because they are not color coated, they will never look faded or scratched.



Baby friendly. World friendly. Eco-friendly. The founder and CEO of Beibamboo, Nina Ignatius, began her babywear revolution due to the premature birth of her own daughter in the summer of 2007. She set out to design a small, but beautiful, range of baby wear with only the most essential items addressing the everyday needs of prematurely born babies and healthy newborns to 2.5-year-olds.


“The idea of comfortable, no nonsense and also ‘Parent Friendly’ baby-wear, was born in a NICU/Neonatal ward, shortly after I gave birth to my own my preemie baby daughter.” Nina says.

I am proud that Beibamboo has won multiple design awards and has been received extremely well by NICU healthcare professionals. Today, Beibamboo offers smart, comfortable clothing for newborn up to 3 years old for both hospitalized babies and those that are healthy.”

-Nina Ignatius, Beibamboo Founder. Winner of the 2013 listed “40 Women To Watch Over 40″ as mentioned by Forbes for Innovation and Disruption.



We use only ÖkoTex 100- certified materials, which guarantees the absence of any toxins, pesticides and heavy-metals. Beibamboo clothing features a unique combination of 50 % bamboo, 50 % organic cotton. The bamboo viscose comes from regulated farms in China, and the organic cotton from suppliers in India.

Bamboo-fabric is an excellent choice for your baby because bamboo is as soft as silk, warm when it is cold, and cools you down when it is hot, because of the hollow structure of the fiber. .It is also very absorbent, thus feels dry on the skin.

Bamboo is an ecological choice for your baby’s world, because it grows without fertilizers or pesticides, and only requires minimal irrigation. It releases 35% more oxygen to the atmosphere than a tree. Commercially grown bamboo for fabric is not panda food, but a different species altogether.

As we do not want to unduly overload the already suffering water systems of the world with chemical dyes, we have chosen to only produce our garments in milky white. The dyes in the logo ribbon and our labels are ATSO free.

We strive to offer a timeless, season-less and gender neutral collection of baby essentials. Our designs have a long usage life, for instance the baby grow has a double row of poppers. We aim to minimize the number of seams and we place all our labels on the outside of the garment.


What do our customers say about Beibamboo?

“I just fell in love with your line. Anyway, I bought a pair of trousers from you, and I wish I had known about this clothing sooner. I would have had my baby in it every day.”

– Amy, Helsinki

“These clothes work perfectly for our twin sons! They are easy to dress and they are really comfortable and soft. During the first months you need a lot of clothes and it would be silly to buy them in such quantities. In spite of the size difference of my sons the same size fit them both because the pant legs could be folded for one and the other could wear socks. Every little thing that makes life easier for a family of multiple babies is a big help ;)”


Designed with your little one’s comfort, happiness and wellness in mind.

  • Fold over mitts – prevents your baby from scratching or pulling wires
  • Fold over foot warmers in the all-in-one
  • Very few seams – Super soft on the skin
  • All labels and zippers on the outfits are on the outside
  • Our designs work with all kinds of nappies/diapers
  • All materials are Öko-Tex 100- certified (non-toxic or harmful)
  • Double row of poppers in the baby grow – it expands as your baby grows
  • 50% bamboo, 50% organic GOTS certified cotton interlock
  • These features have been engineered to ensure only soft, skin-friendly material comes into contact with your baby’s delicate skin.

These features have been engineered to ensure only soft, skin-friendly material comes into contact with your baby’s delicate skin.





We are in early production NOT prototype stage. Our Outfits have won design awards and recommendations.

• Design Deed of the Year 2012 | Vuoden Designteko 2012 Design From Finland
• Finalist at SOURCE Global Ethical & sustainable Fashion Awards, London 2012
• World Design Capital- program Helsinki 2012
• Special Recognition Award at EUWIIN Reykjavik 2011
• Silver Medal at Swedish Inventors Association, SUF 125 Stockholm 2011






Beibamboo outfits are being used in hospitals across Finland. Here are some thoughts from the nursing professionals:

• “Beibamboo clothes are ingenious, especially the baby grows. Absolutely the best for our department.” Marjaana Johansson, Nurse Jorvi / Jorvi Hospital, Helsinki, Childrens Ward L2

• “Makes caring for baby easy as the sleeves open fully, and we don’t need to remove cannulas. Great materials, soft against baby’s skin and feels good to touch.” Kaija Winter, Assistant Head Nurse Kätilöopisto / Maternity Hospital, Helsinki

For every $1000 pledged, Beibamboo will donate our preemie hospital line outfits to US hospitals.

As a sign of our values, we would like to support and give something to those who are experiencing life with a preemie baby, and the incredible NICU care staff who literally save lives every day. For every $1000, we will send a selection of our hospital range outfits of worth $100 to a NICU ward in a US hospital.

Every pledge counts towards getting us to our goal – bringing our comfortable, patented baby clothing to more American babies, while expanding to US hospitals.

Your support will help us fill the worlds’ hospitals with clothing that brings parents and babies together.  Reward yourself with the most advanced, engineered outfits for babies available today.


Please share our campaign with friends and family.







THANK YOU for your belief in us and support for our campaign!



Contact Information:

Nina Ignatius

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