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Sep 7, 2015 6:15 AM ET

Archived: The Love Merchant, The Song of the Sirens

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 7, 2015

The Love Merchant, The Song of the Sirens


“Darel Olwen, the only heir to Olwen Inc., a struggling fashion and cosmetics brand, aspires to complete Grad School soon and join his single mother Karen, run her business. All that he remembers from his childhood, through his nightmares, are a strange tattoo, an incomplete non-existent song and an unknown smell. Although he has hated love since childhood, he can’t help falling, head over heels in love, with a bluish-grey eyed girl he meets. As a turn of events reports of dead bodies of young and beautiful women being found near several water bodies , wearing the same vague tattoo that he remembers, start troubling him. All he wants to know are his connection to the tattoo, his true identity and the answers to his nightmares.

Contact Information:

D Mercator

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