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Sep 7, 2015 7:11 AM ET

Archived: Sitara School and Teachers’ Institute: Education for a Brighter Future

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 7, 2015

Sitara School and Teachers’ Institute


Since 2011, Sitara School and Teachers’ Institute has provided free education to needy children in Chatha Bakhtawar, Pakistan.  In 2014, YOUR DONATIONS helped us relocate to a wonderful new facility. In our 2015 Launchgood campaign we’re asking you to support our mission of offering quality education to the children who need it most; these little stars (Sitara means star in Urdu!)

Children at play in our new courtyard and working hard in class

Our Students

Our typical Sitara student lives in a large family. Her father may be a day laborer. Her mother might clean houses or stay at home with younger children. Both parents are most likely illiterate, or may have a fifth grade education. Often, they are refugees from war-torn or flood ridden parts of Pakistan or Afghanistan. Many live in temporary shelters with no plumbing, heating or refrigeration. The money that comes into the household is for bread, not books. Education gives these children a chance to escape the cycle of poverty.

Your donations can ensure her brighter future, Inshallah.

The Project

Established in 2011 with 20 students, Sitara now provides education in all major subjects including Islam and Qur’an to almost 200 children. Boys attend the school up to fifth grade and girls may attend until eighth. Future plans include a girls’ high school, Inshallah.

Sitara is located in Chatha Bakhtawar, a small town on the outskirts of Islamabad. There is no girls’ high school in town and transportation to a neighboring village  is usually not an option.  Many girls drop out after fifth or eighth grade. We hope to reverse that trend by providing higher education for our older students. It has been stated that a $7.00 uniform can change a girl’s life by keeping her in school and preventing early marriage and teenage pregnancy. Seven dollars. You spent more than that on lunch today!

Uniform and shoe distribution

Help Us Succeed!

Your money goes a long way in Pakistan. About $40.00 a month or $400.00 a year provides books, technology, two uniforms and shoes to a needy student. $100.00 a month pays a teacher’s salary and allows her to attend training courses at Sitara Teachers’ Institute. Our entire yearly school budget, including salaries, rent, utilities and resources for 200 children is very modest by American standards, not more than $30,000! With more funds, we’ll be able to provide more technology for our students, expand into a girls’ high school, improve the Teachers’ Institute, and perhaps even buy the building we currently rent, Inshallah!

Sadaqa Jariyah

A small project means greater accountability.. As a donor, you can be assured that your money is being used to educate children and train teachers. Board members are provided with quarterly and yearly financial summaries and all donors receive the bi-annual Sitara News (see the latest newsletter on our website) which keeps you updated on student and school activities. 

These children find their way into your hearts and become like your ownWhen you sponsor a child’s education, you give him or her the opportunity of a better life, and you give yourself a precious opportunity in the life Hereafter. So please give generously and don’t forget to SHARE this link on all your social media sites! Thank you! 

Contact Information:

Sommieh Flower

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