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Sep 7, 2015 11:02 AM ET

Rescuing Rhino print run for literacy and education

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 7, 2015
                      Rescuing Rhino – Inspired by real rhino rescues.

Rescuing Rhino
Print run for literacy and education


Providing reading material and education for Africa’s children is a monumental, on going problem. There is also another huge crisis in Africa – the slaughter of our RHINO.

Conservation starts with education for both children and adults – hence Chameleon not just for kids Books!! The more children and their families read, the more they will understand the need to protect the world and the amazing animals in it – especially the Rhino!

                                                                                                                                                Why we need to save the rhino.

We need your help to fund this important RHINO literacy / education project in order to print large volumes. We want to bring the unit cost right down and get the book into as many schools, libraries and homes, as possible with a quantity of books being donated FREE to children in need. The books could be used worldwide as the nature conservation contents include endangered animals from all over the world and literacy is a problem worldwide. The whole world also needs to know that our Rhinos need protecting.

Rescuing Rhino print run is our first major target but our dream is to get funding to print more of the titles in our children’s book series.

Rescuing Rhino (inspired by real rhino rescues) is one of several books in our 3 in 1 SERIES. The books are for 3-9 year age group and are 3 books in 1. There is a Story book, a Factual section and an Activity section. The aim of the 3 in 1 children’s books is that the children read the story or have it read to them, learn about the creatures and plants in the story and then have fun doing activities relating to the book’s topic. Getting creative, getting involved and making a difference!

Rescuing Rhino is an illustrated story about an orphaned baby rhino, how he was cared for and eventually released back into the wild.

Full colour illustrated story of rescuing rhino.                                    

The Fact section deals with caring for orphaned wild animals and the plight of the rhino. This section is vitally important both from the rhino point of view and the plight of other wild animals worldwide, such as the elephant and the orangutan.

Interesting facts about saving and rehabilitating wild animals.                                   

The Activities include drawing, model making, masks, colouring-in, making posters etc. Inspiring crafts with RHINO as a theme!

Get involved, get creative and make a difference with loads of fun activities.                                     

Initially the most urgent book to get out there is Rescuing Rhino but the next 3 books in the series are ready to print if we get sufficient funding. 

They are:
The Adventures of Boo with facts about fish, aquariums and saving the ocean.
Tad’s Tale about ponds, frogs and life in water. Especially important in educating children about the importance of wetlands and water.
The Dwarf, the Dragon and the Grumpy Giant featuring various reptiles worldwide and their endangered habitats.

The series are ideal as a classroom set suitable for children learning to read, with interesting facts for teachers to use in lessons and activities that can be done by the whole class. Also great for parents and grandparents as the books are more than just a story to read with their children – there are amazing facts to discuss and lots of fun ideas for things that they can do together.

Help us exceed our target and get all 4 books printed!

Every little bit counts so please pledge today for this worthwhile, nature conservation / eco / literacy / educational project and you will be rewarded but best of all you will also have the chance of donating books to children in need.

Support from the Department of Arts and Culture

Thundafund & the South African Department of Arts and Culture have partnered up to bring you the ‘Crowdfunding Creative Economy Development Project’ for 2015. This is a drive to promote & incentivise crowdfunding as a tool for empowerment for all of South Africa’s creatives & change makers to raise the funding that they need & to build a crowd around their idea for the future.

With this initiative, for the first 50 pledges of R100 or more, the Department of Arts and Culture will reward R200 each towards the campaign – that means R10 000 could be rewarded to the campaign in total. Thundafund and the Department of Arts and Culture are “backing it forward!”

So exciting – lets make it happen!



Milestone 1 –  R40 000
The Tipping Point
We want to print and distribute 1000 copies of Rescuing Rhino.

Milestone 2 – R90 000
We want to print and distribute 1000 copies each of Rescuing Rhino and The Adventures of Boo (fish and marine life). (2000 books in total)

Milestone 3 – R140 000
We want to print and distribute 1000 copies each of three books in the set. Rescuing Rhino, The Adventures of Boo (fish and marine life), and Tad’s Tale (wetlands and pondlife). (3000 books in total)

Milestone 4 – R190 000
We want to print and distribute 1000 copies each of all four books in the set. Rescuing Rhino, The Adventures of Boo (fish and marine life), Tad’s Tale (wetlands and pondlife) and The Dwarf, the Dragon and the Grumpy Giant (reptiles). (4000 books in total)

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