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Sep 7, 2015 11:50 AM ET


iCrowdNewswire - Sep 7, 2015


Josh's Photo


Josh's Photo


Josh's Photo




As you are sadly aware, Nepal experienced two huge earthquakes within weeks of each other this past spring. The earthquakes killed thousands of people, destroyed hundreds of thousands of homes, and had devastating effects throughout the country. 

As I learned the news regarding Nepal and saw the images of destruction and despair, I was immensely drawn to going there to help rebuild. Images like these moved me beyond words. During that time, I had been stressing about my own well-being, safety and income, but after learning that was happening in Nepal, it quickly put things into perspective. I knew I had to disrupt my life and dedicate myself to helping any way I could. With the help and encouragement of my brother, I investigated with whom, when and where I could be most utilized in helping rebuild.

I have volunteered with an American organization in Nepal called Conscience Impact, who have teamed up with YUWA Unity Nepal in Takhure, a village in central Sindhupalchok at the heart of the earthquake damage. In mid-September, we will begin by building two primary schools in collaboration with the community, and ultimately help to create a training center for alternative building technologies and organic agriculture, providing the region with the tools to rebuild for years to come. 

With my background in construction, I have been asked to assist in the instruction of the local villagers of Takhure in sustainable building methods (adobe, compressed earth block and rammed earth). Which makes this all the more meaningful, knowing that I will be leaving the villagers with the skills to continue with rebuilding long after I leave.

The opportunity to help rebuild in Nepal and practicing sustainable building methods holds a special place in my heart. Those of you who know me personally, know my (and my father’s) love for sustainable building and repurposing of materials — whether adobe, passive solar design, or 40-foot shipping containers — I have a passion for the many alternatives to modern conventional building. 

Having lived a fairly unconventional life as an artist has blessed me with many skills, and I realize how fortunate I have been to make most of my living being creative, affecting the world and others with my sculpture, painting, photography, designs and in the preservation of The Old Cuchillo Bar property. But it’s time to give more.

I’m asking for your help in funding my cause. Help me get my feet on the ground, and my hands in the mud rebuilding Nepal. Your donation will be a tangible skilled gift (ME) to the people in Nepal who have been devastated by these earthquakes. Needless to say I will be photo documenting the progress, and will gladly share my experiences with those who are curious. My volunteering in Nepal, is also meant to inspire more people to listen to their hearts and live a more altruistic existence.



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