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Sep 7, 2015 9:00 AM ET

JobOutBid: you make a post about your job need

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 7, 2015





Uber did it to public transportation, Airbnb did it to short-term housing, and Facebook did it to the phone book. Technology is changing the way we live, forever altering our industries one by one. There’s no going back and no staying in place either: all we can do is ride the wave and hope that we’re able to stay in front of it when it breaks. That is the way progress works. Something happens, and things are different. In business, this difference adds up to dollars and cents, every small change leading to new courses, new paths for our transactions to take, new venues in which we can offer each other our goods and services.

There are platforms out there that have pioneered the freelancing model for labor: Fiverr for creative work and elance for various professions, among others. This model has become increasingly popular, Fiverr in particular drawing a vibrant, tech-savvy community and bringing in massive amounts of revenue for its parent company and for the freelancers themselves. As time passes, it seems that this model, which fits the fast pace of the Internet-consumed world, is likely to upend or at least take a chunk out of more traditional business models.

With the JobOutBid app, you make a post about your job need, and a verified member of your local community will bid on the job and the winning bidder will be responsible to complete your tasks. Our members will be recognized experts in their respective fields and skilled members of your area looking to make extra cash, providing an opportunity to individuals of all walks of life, such as teachers, bus drivers, government employees, the unemployed and so on to take advantage of this opportunity and in order to accommodate both cost-conscious and quality-conscious users, you will be able to choose between the lowest bidder and the highest-ranked member. Thus, the user is presented with competitive prices, and the winning bidder will get to make some extra cash. Depending on individual success, being a verified member can even become a full-time job.

Changing 16-foot-high smoke detectors, mowing the lawn, finding cheap brake repair, trimming the shrubs, and painting your living room will all be a breeze. Simply post your job on JobOutBid and wait. As the community on the app becomes larger, prices will be made even more competitive, meaning that the labor you find will cost much less than any contractor you’d find in the Yellow Pages. This model will make consumers’ lives easier and send small business strategy in another direction entirely. Whether you have a one-day job or a weeks-worth of work, JobOutBid will be the first place you come to check.

Work categories will include automotive repair, babysitting, beauty, care-giving / personal assistance, electronic / home theater, handyman / contractor, homemaker / home chore, landscaping, pool upkeep, transportation / delivery / moving, and more. Again, once the app scales up, we will have members who are expert professionals in each of these fields, which are currently booming industries on their own terms anyway. We are providing a venue for these professionals to find new customers and provide credentials for a transaction that would otherwise be double-blind.

What makes this app so unique

  • This app is targeted to a niche that does not yet exist. It will bring income to those seeking it and provide an opportunity to many to operate their own business and be their own boss.

Why we need your support

  • App Development
  • Business Set up
  • Marketing
Contact Information:

Jason Hughes

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