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Sep 7, 2015 10:25 PM ET

Conquest! MMO War/Strategy/RPG Game Goes Mobile

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 7, 2015

Conquest!: an old game gets a new look


Houston, Texas | September 7, 2015 – Conquest! announced today it is seeking to raise funds via a rewards campaign on Kickstarter to finish development of a mobile client for the exciting and addictive medieval strategy/RPG war game.  Conquest! began as a text based game on Internet Relay Chat (IRC) in 1993 and was an instant hit.

“Players drove into work very early in the morning to access IRC, often because they had no Internet connection at home!”, said James Bennett, creator and lead designer.  “Others stayed online for many hours to make sure their kingdoms stayed safe.  There were even 4 Conquest! ‘Gatherings’ [in Chicago, Orlando, Las Vegas, and Dallas] where players met face to face to share triumphs and defeats,” he added.

The feature rich Conquest! game server has already been developed and includes multiple character classes, naval warfare, and a large variety of loot, magical spells, heroes, artifacts, and troop types to provide a rich playing experience.  And unlike turn based strategy games action in Conquest! happens instantly.

Development of a client written in Unity, a cross-platform game engine, is currently underway.  Unity allows the rich user interface to be delivered to a variety of platforms, including iOS, Android, PC, and Mac based systems.  Conquest! is looking to raise $11,000 in 30 days to fund completion of the client and additional graphical design work.  They have partnered with QBurst, a leading mobile development company, to assist.

Kickstarter operates an “all or nothing” funding model so if the project doesn’t meet its goal in 30 days it might take months before Conquest!’s addictive gameplay is brought to a new generation of players.  To get involved, spread the word on social networks or donate to the Kickstarter campaign.  As little as $1 helps bring Conquest! to life.  And if you decide to donate more, you might be able to name a hero or even a continent within the game!


Contact Information:

James Bennett

Mobile: 904-472-6427

Email: [email protected]

Twitter: @jdb1812




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