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Sep 7, 2015 3:31 PM ET


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The story of the project


The Schap Community School was started in 2009 by Peter Obasi Agono, the founder and one of seven brothers that kindly provided the land to build the School as part of his vision of Sustainable, Comprehensive, Humanitarian, Assistance & Planning –  (SCHAP).  The vision became the name of the School and the vision was born. 

Schap registered its first pupils in January of 2009 with only 20 pupils enrolled, two female teachers and a hunger for education and knowledge.

Today the School has a total number of 450 pupils from “Nursery” classes to Grade 6 and also has 12 teaching staff members (five males & seven female teachers) doing so much with so little.

The school is also registered with the Ministry of Education registration number PE/1043/13.

How the funds will be used


The SCHAP Community School, while funded with the generous donation of land from Peter Obasi Agono and his kind family the School needs help so as to be able to help itself.  Schap has begun a Crowdfunding campaign because it is aware that there are many generous and compassionate people that want to invest in children and the future.

The campaign aims to help orphaned, vulnerable and otherwise underprivileged school children and funds will primarily be aimed at expanding the size and infrastructure of the School to help it to help turn things around for these kids.

Construction has already begun with the extremely limited financial resources available but so much more is needed to provide even the most basic of facilities.

They need your help so as to be able to help themselves.


The orphans of HIV & AIDS epidemics share some characteristics with other orphans whose parents have died of other causes: all such children grieve their loss and need care. They also share some characteristics of children living in the same community whose families are not directly affected by HIV: all such children need a better education, improved living conditions and greater economic opportunities as well as freedom from discrimination, abuse and exploitation-sexual or other.

Peter’s orphanage is focusing on the care and support of the orphans at an institutional level and this gives them natural social environment equivalent to that they could have lived with their parents.

The project forms a vital part of the community response to address the above problem but we simply can’t do it alone.

Contact Information:

Peter Agono

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