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Sep 6, 2015 4:06 PM ET

Archived: Women Across Frontiers & MADRE – International Fundraising Initiative

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 6, 2015

Women Across Frontiers & MADRE – International Fundraising Initiative

2015 International Initiative

This year Women Across Frontiers (WAF) is supporting MADRE,  an international women’s human rights organization, to raise funds for the Women’s Peace Farm they run in Karbala, Iraq. The Peace Farm serves 54 displaced women farmers and children who have fled their homes in fear of ISIS attacks. The Farm allows these women to achieve self-sufficiency, provide for their families, and support each other. Help us keep the Women’s Peace Farm up and running with vital supplies like:     

GARDENING TOOLS – $15 EACH X 25 = $375 
PACKETS OF SEEDS (10 VARIETIES) – $320 X 10 = $3,200

TOTAL = $5,575

*The campaign’s financial goal is set to $6,244 in order to account for Rockethub’s commission fee and credit card handling fee in the case that the financial goal is not reached. 

Women Across Frontiers: An International Magazine

Women Across Frontiers: An International Magazine is a quarterly digital publication dedicated to furthering gender equality around the globe.

We seek to raise awareness of pressing women’s rights issues through on-the-ground original reporting, interviews, profiles, and commentary. We provide a platform for women’s rights advocates, their allies, and thriving women’s empowerment projects working successfully for change around the world. Our cutting-edge stories are filed by a diverse group of international contributors—including journalists, academics, and activists—supported by a team of professional photographers whose images provide powerful visual documentation of these women’s stories.

Even as women continue to make strides in political, economic, and legal spheres, that progress is often tenuous or uneven, and women’s rights remain under siege worldwide. In our quest to inspire concrete actions for global gender justice, we tackle issues that often affect women disproportionately, including sexual violence, illiteracy, displacement as the result of armed conflict, limited access to quality health care, and discrimination in the workplace. We also feature women’s diverse experiences as artists, students, professionals, and mothers, and the challenges they face on a daily basis. 

MADRE: Demanding Rights, Resources, and Results for Women Worldwide

MADRE advances women’s human rights by meeting urgent needs in communities and building lasting solutions to the crises women face.

To advance social justice, women must be equipped to both improve conditions in their communities and advocate for human rights. When grassroots women’s organizations provide vital services to their communities, women can build new skills, step up as leaders and mobilize for rights-based policies. Local women’s organizations play a vital role in translating human rights standards from paper to practice to create social justice.  

MADRE strengthens grassroots women’s organizations in war, disaster and their aftermath. MADRE supports our partners to meet urgent community needs and trains and accompanies women to effect long-term change. MADRE galvanizes people around the world in support of our partners’ demands by shaping public opinion and policy.    


Contact Information:

Karina Mirochnik
Sylvia Maier
Ignacia Simonetti
Cliff Rohde

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