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Sep 5, 2015 12:00 AM ET

New Alaskan Hunting And Adventure Card Game On Kickstarter

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 5, 2015

FAIRBANKS, ALASKA, SEPTEMBER 4, 2015  – GUTPILE announced today that it is raising funds for rewards via KICKSTARTER to finish design and manufacturing for the first ever Alaskan card game that educates and thrills the hunter and non-hunter alike. They are set out to raise $20,000 to get this game to market. They also have created a new exciting venue for outdoor manufacturers can market their new items through the game.

tim Hanson and Jim Clark both enjoy the outdoors and love to hunt, but getting all the things in place to actually get out in the wild are quite difficult. Tim and Jim have put together these things via a card game- The main goal in the game is to hunt an animal succsefully. To do this the player must gather one of each of the five categories, Animal, Weapon, Gear, Terrain, and Transportation. Once the player has these five cards they can take a shot at the animal by rolling the “Shot Dice”. Depending on the level of weapon you choose to use for your hunt determines on what needs to be rolled to actually hit and bag the animal. (Giving the player unique insite on the thrill of the hunt, and the pressure.)

“Having moved to Alaska 5 years ago, and wanting to jump in and get at all the things Alaska offers, it was a rude awakening realizing I was going to need certain things to actually get out in the field and do some hunting. And those certain things were going to take some time to get.” – Jim Clark

GUTPILE offers doesn’t just offer perfect Hunts to collect and gather points on, but throws in challenges that may occur through action cards- Hypothermia, Beached Boat, and of course the Alaska State Trooper and Park Ranger. You want to make sure you have all tagged animals when these cards are played-  

GUTPILE cards are beautifully designed by the talanted Erik Dewall, with the idea of offering insight to all the cards individually. Each GUTPILE card has a unique opportunity to educate and market to the players and become a household name brand through the simple design on the back of the card – 

Using the QR code to market Weapons manufacturers, to Gear and Transportation cards allows manufacturers a chance to be right in the home among thier key demo’s. as well as education tools explaining things like the  Subsistance Card in detail by scanning the code and bring up explainations to the Alaskan lifestyles.

Launching the Original GUTPILE game is only the beginning, with plans in the works for North America GUTPILE, Turkey GUTPILE, Africa GUTPILE etc… The GUTPILE Brand will be around for a long while. reaching the box stores soon and moving forward with fun exciting ways to educate and thrill all folks that love the outdoors!

These guys are here to stay!

Contact Information:

Jim Clark
[email protected]
Tim Hanson
[email protected]

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