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Sep 5, 2015 3:30 PM ET

Archived: Battery-free safety light that’s powered by motion: Million Mile Light is an ultra bright, battery-free safety light for runners that’s powered by motion & engineered to never give up

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 5, 2015

Hello. We are Positivity Human.

Inspired by early morning and dusk runs – and a love of good, sustainable product design – we have developed the Million Mile Light.


The Million Mile Light

Designed to harness the power of your motion to make light to keep you safe when you’re running at night.

Just clip it on and run.

No bigger than a pack of gum and only 36g in weight it simply attaches to the waistband provided.

Visible from over 200m and weather proof for all seasons, it won’t let you down. For optimum visibility use one on your front and one on your back.

It’s engineered to never give up and it won’t miss a step.

Oh, and it never needs batteries and it never needs charging because it’s powered by you.

This is not a concept product prototype. It’s ready for production.

We’ve taken the time to get the design right, to conduct extensive trials with all types of runners and iron out any potential problems. We’ve built and tested over 100 prototypes and we’ve also engaged heavily with our production-manufacturing partner throughout the development process. So this is not a concept product, it’s truly manufacturing ready and we are ready to push the button on our production moulds right now. We will be offering a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty on every product – but it’s designed to last many more.

To fund the complex tooling, set up our high quality assemby line and reach our minimum order quantity, we need your support in pledges. If we reach our target we can do all of this and make the Million Mile Light available in two colour choices. The further past our goal we get the more colours options we can add, but we need your help to establish what those should be. Please vote here to choose your favourite.

To get this project off the ground we really need your help, but my goodness, if you run or are mindful of people who do, you are going to love this.

Shake to test
Shake to test
It's so easy to use. Just clip it on and run
It’s so easy to use. Just clip it on and run

 What people are saying

‘I would buy one, because I run at night and I want to be safe and there hasn’t been a good running light until now’ – Charlie Dark, Founder of Run Dem Crew

Tom with Charlie Dark, Founder of Run Dem Crew
Tom with Charlie Dark, Founder of Run Dem Crew

‘The Million Mile Light by Positively Human is a brilliant invention for urban runners’ – Alastair Humphreys, National Geographic Adventurer of the Year

‘I think it’s great and definitely easy to carry. And I haven’t gotten hit by any more cars since then’ – Barclay Udersluys, Project Gump

‘We encourage all road users to look after their own welfare and the welfare of others. Whilst ultimate responsibility lies with the drivers of vehicles, the Million Mile Light is an effective way to ensure runners can be seen when out on the roads during times of low visibility’ – Joe Burns from Brake, the road safety charity

‘I’ve just backed this fabulous idea. Motion powered light for #runners. It’s SUCH a top idea. A life saver’ – Suzi Perry, BBC TV Personality and Gadget Connoisseur


 WHAT NO BATTERIES? How does it work?

A tiny, silent, kinetic engine powers four ultra bright LEDs, which blink with every step you take.

No matter how fast or slow you run, or whatever your gait.

Special lenses concentrate the light to be as bright as possible, each fanning 30 lum of light out at 120 degrees, so you can be clearly seen from over two hundred meters.

Each Million Mile Light is designed to make you be seen in the dark. Wearing two or more lights gives the runner total illumination, but there is no limit to the number you can wear.

The lightweight design clips on to your waistband (strap supplied), bicep, wrist or ankle straps and is so light it won’t pull your socks down.

The waterproof and durable design is ready for any environment and by using 100% renewable energy it takes the battery out of the equation so it won’t ever let you down.


WARNING: Your Million Mile Light contains neodymium rare earth magnets – so please do not use if you are pregnant or if you use a pacemaker. Keep out of direct contact with electronic devices – if running with a smart device wear on a different part of the body (minimum 6 inches away).


Single Pack

1 x Million Mile Light and one waistband

Normal retail price £19.99 + £2.99

Full Visibility Double Pack

2 x Million Mile Lights and one waistband

Normal retail price £19.99 + £19.99 + £2.99

Running Club / Retailer Pack

20 x Million Mile Lights and ten waistbands

Delivery and Extra Units:

All rewards for supporters in the US and UK will be delivered free of charge. For the EU, Canada, Australia, Japan, South Korea, China, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Malaysia and Singapore delivery will be £5. For anywhere else in the world delivery will be £12.50.

Custom Million Mile Lights – Make an impression that really lasts!

Want an awesome promotional product for your company? Sponsoring a marathon? Own a chain of sports stores? Then nothing could be a better gift for a runner than a safety light that will last a lifetime! Or maybe you just have a huge running club or are organising a massive night run?! Any order over 2,500 units can be custom manufactured to include custom colours, branding and personalised packaging. You’ll also naturally benefit from a volume unit price that makes the Million Mile Light an ideal promotional gift for any company wanting to make a truly lasting impression. Just drop us a line and we’ll chat through some options and pricing. You weren’t going to get t-shirts were you?!

Looks good eh Rich?!
Looks good eh Rich?!

Time Scales

We have left nothing to chance on this project. Our component suppliers are already selected, the CAD for the mould tools is already approved and we are ready to go from every angle of production. It helps to have such an experienced team on board who have all worked on several successful Kickstarter projects. Many of the prototypes you see in our video are actually pre-production prototypes made with our production components, by our manufacturer and they perform simply superbly. So confident is our manufacturer that our 5-year warranty is 100% backed by them.

So how long do you have to wait?

  • Mould preparation – 30 days
  • Pre-production samples and final mould work – 15 days
  • First production – 30 days
  • Delivery to UK and US warehouses and fulfilment to individual supporters – 10 days

So it should be about 85 days from when your funds arrive with us but let’s say 3 months for safety as the odd day will no doubt slip in.

Stretch goals

We’re keeping our stretch goals pretty simple.

Pick a colour, any colour – The reality is that whilst we have been prototyping and testing we have been trying out lots of different colour combinations and they have all looked so awesome that we want to be able to offer as many as we can. So every 2,000 units we get pledges for once we are past our goal we will release another colour choice.

In case you missed it we have been collecting votes to help decide which are the most popular colours. You can vote here.

Let’s make this even lower cost for the planet! – We want your Million Mile Light to genuinely last a long time as you know. The reality is that to guarantee the quality and precision we need in manufacture we haven’t been able to compromise on the quality of the materials we use. We have investigated using post-consumer recycled plastics for the main body sections but to maintain our quality requirements we would have to work with larger minimum order quantities for the raw materials to be able to guarantee the quality and source. So the big stretch goal for us would be to move to using high quality recycled materials in all our products which we could do if we manage to push past £150,000. That’s a big leap but we’re hoping we can do it with your support. 

The bigger picture – why we need you!

This is as much about a movement as it is about a running gadget so please help us to spread the word.

Lots of people start running in the summer but give up when the winter comes and the nights draw in. Help to keep them motivated by sharing our story.

There’s something very special about being able to see the energy you burn. We think runners will enjoy this symbiotic relationship with technology.

Our dream is for Million Mile Light to be seen as a symbol for sustainability, for freedom of spirit – for runners everywhere. Can you imagine how beautiful that will be? We can only do that with your support.

So many products are designed to fail. We just don’t buy into that. They don’t need to be. Million Mile Light is just one way to help inspire each other towards a safer and more sustainable path.

More than just a running light

If you’re curious like us you’re bound to find lots of other uses for your Million Mile Light. So whether you want to fix the lights to the hooves of your horse, hack your trampoline with bounce lights, become a 21st century morris dancer or fix them to ski poles for the Greenland marathon – we’d simply love to know.

About us

We are Positively Human.

Founded by Tom Lawton, an award winning British designer, inventor and environmentalist.

Tom is also a runner. Here’s his story – Why I run

Tom is a winner of the Green Dot Award for environmental excellence and 100% Design sustainability award.

Tom’s work is commercially and critically acclaimed, with product innovations including WakeYoo, Firewinder, Micro Honkers, BubbleScope and BubblePod. Tom is a also a TV broadcaster working with Channel 4, ITV and BBC Worldwide.

Supported by his wife Charlie who leads the Million Mile Light community.

R&D guided by his friend and co-inventor Ben Jandrell, an expert in micro renewable energy generation (Gotwind.Org).

We’re also working closely with a manufacturing partner that has successful Kickstarter projects behind them as well as a number of other international consumer products currently being manufactured and retailed around the world. They’ve helped, along with our own experiences to date, to ensure that we don’t just think that we’re ready, but that we genuinely are. The whole process, from your pledge to the final delivery of your reward, is mapped out and being handled by suppliers and partners with whom our team work on a daily basis. 

Worldwide patents pending and designs registered. Million Mile Light is a trademark of Positively Human Ltd.

Contact Information:

Tom Lawton

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