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Sep 4, 2015 5:10 PM ET

Township Film Festival: A stage for South Africa’s film industry talents and related professionals as well as a place for the public to enjoy a bit of what our vibrant film industry has to offer

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 4, 2015

Support the Township Film Festival in Cape Town
On the 24th of September, we will see Township Film Festival, the first festival of its kind, come to Cape Town following its debut in Soweto earlier this year. TFF will highlight new and old township-inspired film industry talents alike.


Film has always been used as a nation-branding tool. Thus, Township Film Festival™ (TFF) aims to celebrate and showcase township-inspired or -owned film productions and industry talents.

Currently, the film industry mainly highlights stories of South Africa’s rich heritage. However, a new generation has evolved and is ready for a new narrative. Our nation is filled to the brim with creative minds born of cultural melting pots known as ‘townships’. These individuals are telling the stories of not only our nation’s past but also of love, life, drama, comedy, and the whole array of film genres. Our country and people are not one-dimensional. We are diverse and talented and we come from a culture with a rich tradition of imagination and story-telling. TFF aims to embrace that tradition and highlight the professionals that are its driving force in the film industry.

The Festival serves as a platform for robust, unapologetic discussions related to the film industry and as a place where cooperation between the private and public sectors can take place with the presence of film makers, broadcasters, corporate production companies, government representatives, and the general public.

With Township Film Festival, I truly hope to offer a stage for South Africa’s film industry talents and related professionals as well as a place for the public to enjoy a bit of what our vibrant film industry has to offer. 



Milestone 1: R86 500
The Tipping Point
With 86500 we will be able to cover our co-ordination and administration costs for the months leading up towards the festival (55000). 14 500 will go towards Task Crew budgets, and 17 000 will go towards TFF Legacy that will see post event activities like school kids going to Cape Town studios, getting the CV’s employment ready with in the film and Theater sector.

Milestone 2: R135 000
This will enable us to fast track projects by seedfunding them, mobilise task crews, cover our coordination/administration costs, and pay for our office space.
• R40 000 to pay festival coordinators and administrators.
• R60 000 to cover rent, equipment and internet of festival base/office.
• R5 000 for marketing logistics
• R25 000 festival support employees.

Milestone 3: R185 000
We will be able to cover all expenses and gear up the festival for the next, providing a sustainable model thereafter.
We run a lean operation so more funding equals more project groups and workshops

Help make the Township Film Festival a reality!
Buy Rewards and share the crowdfunding campaign:




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