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Sep 4, 2015 3:38 PM ET

Archived: NICONOTE: Emotional Cabaret – New Album

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 4, 2015


This is NicoNote, I present EMOTIONAL CABARET my project of music theatre which now becomes an album.The mission is to finish the MASTER.

The funds will finance and support the final process of creation of the album and complete the songs with studio session and production work, so to define the MASTER of the album. There are still several parts to compose and record, journeys to do to find the right sounds. We work both with mobile studio in different locations to capture specific atmospheres, both in a real studio for ensemble recordings .

I have prepared for you many special REWARDS,  to thank you for your interest and for supporting my project. As you see you can choose between unique rewards and personalized limited edition.

EMOTIONAL CABARET is since now a concert/performance producted in 2014 by NicoNote Dream Action and supported by Theatre La Fonderie  of Le Mans (F) and  Anno Solare Festival Teatro in Piazza Santarcangelo, Arboreto Mondaino, Kino Ebensee (A).

NICONOTE conception, direction &  laptop, vocals, producer

DANI MARZI drums, electronic treatments, producer

ALFREDO NUTI DAL PORTONE  guitar, clarinet, treatments, producer

The trio creates a peculiar sonic world and will be open to several guests as Stefano Pilia, Bart Sailer aka Wang Inc, Luca Bergia, Francesco Motta, Roberto Bartoli, Giacomo Toni, Mikael Plunian, Enrico Gabrielli and others in progress.

The album contains original materials, songs in Italian and French and poems, some covers and reworkings by Robert Wyatt to Thelenious Monk, from Kurt Weill to Robert Schumann, sound poems with my lyrics and reinterpretations from Dante Alighieri and Friedrich Hölderlin .

The tracklist is still in progress as many other aspects of the project which is by its nature in constant evolution.

The support 100% is asked for the realization of the MASTER, means finishing to create the materials and record/produce and mix them. Upon reaching 150% will work on the graphics and print 200 copies of the master.

I expect you to be part of this Emotional Cabaret always moving.




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