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Sep 4, 2015 3:51 PM ET

Archived: HAIKU your bike assistant: Next generation of bike computer for smart urban cyclists: get on your handlebar just the info you need from your smartphone.

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 4, 2015

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We have access to information whenever and wherever we want with our smartphone. Unfortunately, there is no proper way to do so while riding a bike. The only safe way to check our mobile is to stop, or sometimes even take risks by using it while riding.

We conceived HAïKU after trying different options and realizing how unsatisfactory all existing solutions are: 

With HAïKU we are offering a new solution: all the information is available in your smartphone, leave it on your pocket and we give you access to it

Like a smartwatch optimized for your bike with

  • simple and clear information, 
  • dedicated touchless User Interface,
  • control on when to access information.

HAïKU is a brand new category of bike and smartphone accessory designed to fit perfectly in the life and everyday rides of an urban cyclist.

In a world full of technology, we want to respect your bike ride and protect your safety. That’s why we made HAïKU simple to use and non-intrusive. When you need an information, it’s there. When you don’t, enjoy your ride!


Just wave to pull info

In standby mode the screen is off and the breathing LED allows you to know at a glance the current information you can access – just wave your hand or finger and the screen will display it:

  • Yellow = on going navigation (pops up automatically <100m)
  • Green = bike computer,
  • Blue = incoming communication.

You keep the control to access information when you are safe (at red traffic lights, in a cycle lane, etc.) so that you can enjoy your smooth and safe ride. Of course it works with your winter gloves and under the rain.

Easy to plug … and ride!

HAïKU is really easy to use. Get it out of the box, pair it with your smartphone, install the mount on your bike and off you go!

When docked, HAïKU switches on and connects automatically to your smartphone without requiring any action. It is so easy and fast to clip, it’s like Apple Magsafe!


Strong magnets + clip

We relentlessly tested our docking system and tried over dozens of configurations to ensure it is as reliable as easy-to-use. 

Our magnets are strong and reinforced with mechanical clip to resist the toughest situations (sidewalk jumps anyone ?!) and roads (cobblestones are everywhere here in Paris).


Fits on any bike

HAïKU is compatible with all type of bikes and handlebars. Put it in the center or under your thumb. No matter if you are left or right handed, we have you covered. And you can even even put it horizontally or vertically.

Colors available for HAïKU rewards - choice to be recorded during the "after campaign survey"
Colors available for HAïKU rewards – choice to be recorded during the “after campaign survey”

Technical details:

  • 1 week batteries in normal use (~12h on a bike)
  • Micro USB charging
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE 4.0 and over)

Compatible with all major flagship smartphones :

  • Apple : iPhone 4s and over
  • Android : Samsung S3 and over, Motorola G and over, Nexus 5 and over, etc.

Why Kickstarter?

We need your support to continue the project and make HAïKU a reality. After 1½ years of hard work we are ready to take the next step: MANUFACTURING. Kickstarter is also a great way to gather feedback (don’t hesitate to drop us a line!). Your financial support will be used to (i) complete industrialization and (ii) make your product.

 Meet the riders

We are a mutli-disciplinary team including Hardware engineering, Industrial design, Software development and of course Product & marketing. All in our early 30’s, we bring together the energy and creativity of youth and experience of several years of working in our fields of competence. And most of all we all love riding our bikes on daily basis to go around the city.

Our Story

“Hello I am Greg the CEO of ASPHALT Lab. 2 years ago I left my job as an operational consultant and started the project with a simple and ambitious goal: create a brand providing the best innovative accessories for urban cyclists. 

Started on an innovative lock, but realized the main problem was accessing information while riding. So I started working on HAïKU with Fred and Matthieu as sub-contractors (chose them because they are good at what they do AND ride bikes), they are now co-founders of the company. 

We worked very hard to conceive HAIKU and are proud to introduce it to you today. Proud because we managed to achieve our goal: conceive a simple and affordable product to help urban cyclists ride smoothly in the city.“

Prototyping history

 Planning for the months to come

Contact Information:


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