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Sep 4, 2015 9:48 AM ET

Archived: Habanero Mexican Grill: Tasty Mexican specialties in a healthy and environmentally conscious menu

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 4, 2015

Habanero Mexican Grill





Habanero has capitalized on the momentum of the Fast Food industry and popularity of Mexican cuisine in Prague, Czech Republic (CZ), by introducing the concept of fast casual dining.

We sell authentic Mexican specialties, using the concept of traditional Mexican Taco Shops, where the dishes are made with fresh ingredients and food is prepared directly in front of the customer. We locally source meat and fresh produce, supporting the community.

Our current store provides excellent customer service to support a fun, energetic and youthful atmosphere.

During development, Habanero researched successful stories in Mexican fast casual cuisine. This enabled us to obtain the right product mix, offering fresh specialties; served with gourmet-style care at unbeatable prices. All whilst keeping the fast serving times of world-class operators.

The time to expand and act is now!



Since opening in mid-2013, Habanero has experienced great success and is considered among the best fast food options in Prague!

Our goal is to be one of the most successful fast casual outlets in the Czech Republic and Central Europe. Given the momentum we have created, we are on the right track to achieve this by opening new locations.

Our concept is successful and has an edge over the local competition:

a) We have created an innovative, entertaining menu.
b) Our survey shows our products are considered by some to be of the highest quality.
c) We feel our customer experience has exceeded the competition locally with solid customer loyalty and repeat custom.
d) Our company’s eco-friendly packaging and fresh healthy ingredients we feel has been truly recognized and appreciated by our customers.

Therefore, there’s a great opportunity to develop our business further! The fast food industry formula is simple, once a concept works, the formula is to replicate it, the concept should do the rest!


Having a highly successful opening in Centrum Chodov in July 2013, one of the Czech Republic’s largest (and most competitive) shopping malls, Habanero has achieved what some of the best known fast food operators in the world haven’t. The below list of accomplishments also demonstrates our on-going success:

a) 41% year-over-year growth in 2014, and 35% year-over-year in the first half of 2015.

b) Over 1,000 active loyalty club members.

c) 3rd best performing fast food operator in the mall (only behind two world’s largest fast food operators McDonalds and KFC).

d) Delivered over 100,000 meal orders last year.

e) 9 out of 10 people say they will order again.

f) Established relationships with key suppliers and new location unit leasing managers.

With our solid performance we believe that Habanero has a great opportunity to continue achieving fantastic results.




We are looking to capitalize on the success of the existing unit and establish a chain of successful fast casual outlets, gaining market share in the Czech Republic and Central Europe’s fast food industry. Whilst this could be done in time through any profits generated, we want to expand and capitalise on this market quickly.

a) Opening new food outlet locations in Prague as well as neighbouring cities – phase 1 expansion Czech Republic, phase 2 Central Europe.

b) Growing existing revenues per store and exceeding the level of world class fast food operators.

c) Build brand equity among our customers – we feel our brand is highly recognized in just 24 months of operations, but awareness still can be built upon.

d) Educate the market in social practices: eco-friendly packaging and healthy ingredients – our customers truly appreciate this as opposed to competitors.


Contact Information:

Luis Alejandro Del Moral Hans
Adam Chappell
Jens Kosman
Dalibor Hanka

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