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Sep 4, 2015 7:57 AM ET

Archived: FOCUS 5 Productivity APP: The APP designed to help you focus, reach goals, and improve your results

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 4, 2015

FOCUS 5 Productivity APP

Introducing Focus

Hi, I’m Tim Scholten.  I am President of Visible Progress Visible Progress.  I consult with Financial Institutions and am also an Executive Coach.  I spent over 30 years in leadership positions in the banking industry.  During that time I had the chance to work with and lead many kinds of teams and individuals.  There were a few standouts that accomplished much more than the rest.  What made those teams and individuals unique was their ability to clearly see a goal and then focus on accomplishing it, regardless of the obstacles and challenges that life threw their way.

In 2002 I managed a group of people that were responsible for Internet Banking for a Top 50 US bank.  We were a small team, but we set a goal of becoming the #1 Consumer Rated Online Bank in the US.  We had a good strategy, but a small team and an even smaller budget.  We knew that we needed to execute better than all our peers.  That is where the methods built into Focus 5, the product I am introducing today, were developed.  Using the Focus 5 method, we not only accomplished our goal of becoming the #1 Consumer Rated Online Bank within a year and a half, but were able to remain in the top 5 over the next 5 years.

Get More Done

This small team accomplished more than teams over 10 times their size with budgets as much as 100 times bigger.  So can YOU with this newly designed Web, iOS and Android Application. 

I have gone on to use the Focus 5 concept in my consulting and executive coaching business.  I have seen the impact that Focus 5 can have on the lives of individuals and the improved results of organizations.  Now you can help me put this incredible tool in the hands of thousands of people. Time is our most valuable commodity.  Using what little we have better is one of the smartest investments we can make.

Expand the Reach of Focus 5

Now I am on a mission to share these concepts with others using Focus 5 software and integrated mobile apps.  I believe that Focus 5 can transform the lives of hundreds of thousands of people rather than just the few clients I coach each year.  Here is where I need your help.  I am looking for individuals and teams that are willing to make a monetary investment to be among the first to have access to Focus 5, commit to using it, and providing feedback.  In just 10 minutes per week using Focus 5, you can achieve more by working smarter, not harder.

If you would like to start investing your time instead of just spending your time, if you are ready take your life, your career, or your relationships to the next level, I invite you to become an investor in Focus 5.  Users will pay an annual subscription, while investors will receive a paid-up subscription and have the opportunity to provide input into the usability and future releases of Focus 5.

What is Focus 5?

Focus 5 is a Web Application with iOS and Android Apps that allow you to:

  • Plan out your priority actions for the week in minutes

  • Keep your boss or accountability partner informed on what you are working on

  • Receive helpful reminders for unfinished tasks

  • Receive feedback metrics on your personal productivity

  • Track and report your accomplishments

Whether you are accountable to one person or to a team, Focus 5 can help you stay connected and focused on the RIGHT things. 

Why Focus 5 Works

Life is very busy.  We have thousands of distractions during our day.  With email, text messages, social media and other communications demanding our attention, we end up wasting precious time on things that add little or no value to our life.  Focus 5 will help you set weekly reminders for what is important, be accountable to someone for these tasks and keep track of the progress you are making.  With Focus 5 you are 30 times more likely to achieve your goals.  That’s right…..30 times, because you are investing your time instead of just spending it.

Contact Information:

Tim Scholten

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