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Sep 4, 2015 5:30 PM ET

Archived: Cold Hearts – A Short Film: a short film written by Danielle Baynes & Yolanda Ramke

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 4, 2015

Cold Hearts – A Short Film

The story of the project

Pitted against the harsh terrain of Australia’s Snowy Mountains, two colonial women haul a coffin to its final resting place, only to be confronted with a deadly surprise upon reaching their destination.


Cold Hearts is a short film written by Danielle Baynes & Yolanda Ramke. It follows the story of two sisters in colonial Australia as they attempt to transport a coffin to its final resting place across the treacherous Snowy Mountains. Bold and self-possessed, Orla leads the charge with an unwavering commitment, whilst her sibling, Bright, struggles to come to terms with the purpose of their expedition. When a deadly turn of events befalls them at their final destination, the strength of both women and the virtue of their true mission will be dangerously put to the test.


Cold Hearts came about as a result of a conversation we had over our shared desire to explore strength and nuance in female characters on screen. We were excited by the scope provided by the Revisionist Western to delve into complexities such as the liberation of minorities, themes of violence and lawlessness and questioning aspects of heroism and cowardice. We wanted to flip the gender stereotypes in the classic Western tale by assigning the typical male ‘Cowboy’ role a female perspective.

We have created Australian period characters who are resilient, intelligent and brave amidst a dangerous landscape and time. These rural pioneers were self-sufficient and hardened by the struggles of every day life. Many were stepping into physically demanding roles traditionally reserved for men.

First and foremost, our aim is to tell a thrilling and original story that will keep viewers guessing until the final frame. However, we also hope that our film will motivate audiences to express a hunger for more female-driven genre pieces, lending our support to the argument that such stories can be equally gripping, complex and physical. 



How the funds will be used

As well as investing our own money, we are looking to raise $10,000 by the end of October to help cover the costs involved in making Cold Hearts. All of your generous donations will go directly to funding the essential production elements required to make a short film. This includes accommodation, transport, costumes and props, special fx make-up, food for the team and the camera equipment. We are also lucky to have an incredibly talented cast and crew on board to make this film and we are passionate about paying them! Therefore, a portion of the money raised will also go towards fees for these invaluable team members.

Cold Hearts Budget Breakdown:
Accom: $2,000
Travel/Transport: $1,000
Camera Gear: $5,000
Catering: $1,500
Art Department/Costume: $1,500
Crew/Cast Fees: $3,300
Special FX Makeup: $500
Permits: $200

TOTAL = $15,000


One of our biggest challenges will be the weather. Our shoot will be entirely exterior on location in the Snowy Mountains. Travel, access, transporting our gear between locations and physical strain on the cast are challenges we are factoring into our planning and pre-production stage.

Thank you so much for considering Cold Hearts as a project to support. We cannot wait to make this film and share it with you all. To stay up to date with the film’s progress head to our Facebook page and click ‘Like’: www.facebook.com/coldheartsthefilm
Feel free to share our campaign with your friends and family too, we are so grateful for any support you can give!

Danielle & Yolanda

Contact Information:

Danielle Baynes
Yolanda Ramke

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