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Sep 4, 2015 10:30 AM ET

Archived: 3Dsimo mini – Make your vision come true: It’s a 3D printing pen, precision solder, burner and cutter all in one! Our vision is to change the way you think about tools.

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 4, 2015

 Our vision is to change the way you think about tools.

Press the
Press the


What is 3DSimo mini better in compared to other 3D pens: Not only is it smaller and smarter, but thanks to interchangeable extensions it also allows the user to use more features. Look at all the benefits below.

Be the ultimate creator. Create jewelry, figures, accessories, decorations, artwork and so much more. You can even fix any plastic items. As in classic 3D printer technology, molten plastic is extruded from the die and cools down rapidly. It is therefore possible to draw solid structures in the air. There are no material limitations due to adjustable temperature and speed.

Become an acclaimed artist. Express your creativity and start to change things around. Want to decorate a wooden cutting board, spoon or rolling pin? No problem! Turn an old belt, pair of shoes, or jacket into unique fashion piece with your personal touch. Transform it into a unique fashion accessory. You may even start an online shop with custom-made accessories! This extension can also be used for the treatment of 3D printed models and their smoothing, making your creations truly flawless.


For the engineer within you. You no longer need to buy an expensive adjustable soldering station. 3DSimo mini handles this function, heating up the tip under 10 seconds to an incredible 490°C, while still being safe to handle. Now you yourself can repair a torn USB cable, damaged earphones, or start creating your own electrical equipment.


Shape out anything you want. With this extension, your imagination becomes the limit. Intended primarily for designers, modelers and architects, you can now create functional RC models (aircraft, boats, cars), buildings, art objects and so much more. If you own a 3D printer, you know how difficult it is to remove the support, and 3DSimo mini will help you with this as well. Create them from polystyrene, plexiglas, balsa wood or foam.


The 3DSimo mobile app gives you control over the temperature and speed so you can work with different and sometimes totally new materials. The FREE Android,Windows and iOS app connects to your Mini via Bluetooth. The 3DSimo app allows you to adjust the temperature, speed and different material profiles with precision. The app will also provide you with instructional videos, templates to print and regular software updates.

Power pack – 3DSimo mini can be used via an adapter with a cable included in the basic package. But when you head for the countryside or don’t want to be limited by a cable, connect the power pack. The power pack is a battery with electronics for the proper powering of the 3DSimo mini.  

What if your glasses break in nature, the tent tears, or you’re simply not able to light a fire? The 3DSimo mini with connected power pack will help you. You can also charge a cell phone, MP3 or flashlight anywhere. The power pack can continuously power the 3DSimo mini for 60 to 90 min.


It all began a year ago with our first product 3DSimo which we managed to put on the market despite very limited financial resources. This gave us a clearer idea and a valuable experience on the steps between a simple idea and the finished commercial product. Learning from our last experience, we decided to cooperate with experienced graphic designers, mechanical engineers, electronic engineers, IT professionals and programmers to help us refine and develop the 3DSimo Mini.

Sneak peek into our manufacturing process
Sneak peek into our manufacturing process

3Dsimo is assembled in our factory in Czech Republic, in the very hearth of Europe. Here are a few photos of the original 3Dsimo, which we have been manufacturing for more than one year now. And though manufacturing the same thing over and over again helped us to perfect the process, we believe it’s time for a change. With your help, we will be able to start assembling 3Dsimo mini in few months.

Thanks to adjustable speed and temperature, you are not limited by the material you use. You can choose different materials and actually use materials that will come to the market in the future! Makers can use any standard 1.75 mm filament.

Need more material for 3Dsimo mini?

Just increase any of your reward by $ 29 and get 14 spools in lengths of 2.5 m (and that’s in total 35 meters). It’s really a lot of stuff – look at the graph:

After the campaign, you can choose the desired material (and colors) from the questionnaire.
After the campaign, you can choose the desired material (and colors) from the questionnaire.

Skilled, passionate and sometimes both. We are a group of 3Dprinting enthusiasts, engineers, artists.

3Dsimo mini is fully functional and ready for mass production. During the campaign we will keep you updated on the progress. After the campaign we will start with the implementation of the injection mold and the prototype testing. We will also publish the awarded certificates (eg: ROSH, CE mark…).

Contact Information:


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