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Sep 3, 2015 12:51 PM ET

Archived: Vinchay Roller Hacking – Athletic Performance and Recovery

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 3, 2015


The Vinchay Roller is the first do-it-yourself massage tool that actively rehabilitates muscles from injury and soreness.

The patented massage ring technology targets sensitive areas that other rollers just don’t reach, making the Vinchay Roller the world’s most effective foam roller.


None of us are stranger to soreness and injury. Millions of athletes, dancers, yogis, and bodybuilders experience muscle soreness and, on occasion, full-blown injury. Chronic back pain is a common complaint from anyone who considers fitness a top priority in their life.

So how do you combat this muscle soreness? Chiropractors are inconvenient, pharmaceuticals are overkill, and massage is expensive.

But what if massage wasn’t expensive? What if you could harness the power of deep-tissue massage without the need for a masseuse?


It’s not a new problem. In ancient Greece, Olympic athletes dealt so often with soreness and injury they imported eastern massage practices to combat the problem.

Self-acupressure was born.



Today, massage as medicine takes a more evolved approach: nearly every athletic training room and most strength conditioning facilities contain an array of foam rollers designed to harness the power of self-acupressure to help sore and injured muscles recover.

Most rollers come in three types of densities to target different types of soreness and different lengths to target different body parts.



Vinchay Labs has meticulously designed the next phase in self-acupressure technology: the Vinchay Roller. Our patented massage ring technology applies pressure to sensitive muscle groups to relieve soreness, many types of muscle injury, and can even break up stubborn scar tissue.

Designed in collaboration with: cross-trainers, mixed martial artists, yogis, physical therapist, physicians, dancers, personal trainers, runners, and bodybuilders ***standalone, pullout statement


The Vinchay Roller is the first roller with a customizable range of therapeutic solutions for any muscle group. Our massage rings vary in firmness and design, and can be removed, interchanged, or positioned anywhere along the core to create an entirely new experience and a more individual recovery strategy.



Perfect for gentle stretching, the core roller can be used to warm up before a period of intensive stretching or performance. Designed with corrugated HDPE, the roller is built to last, and will hold its shape even under hundreds of pounds of pressure. It’s the strongest foam roller on the market.


The patented intensity rings will help you stretch, rehabilitate, and soothe aching muscles. Built from [50-78A] durometer rubber, the experience is gentle but intensive, perfect for a deeper massage before or after training. The rings are water-resistant and come with a lifetime warranty.



The patented Ultimate Release rings give you the deepest, most satisfying myofascial release you can get with a foam roller. Made from 98A durometer rubber, they allow you to focus pressure on key muscle groups: move them together to target your quads, or move them wider to target larger muscle groups.



The Vinchay Roller is now a complete, working prototype that we’re thrilled to say meets our strict standards. It’s being actively tested by athletes of all types, shapes, and sizes, and we’ve been amazed at the exceptionally high feedback. Long story short: people love what we’ve built. The Vinchay Roller works, and it works well.

We’ve acquired both a design patent and a utility patent, secured a manufacturing partner that has a deep and thorough understanding of the Roller and its manufacturability, and processed 200 pre-orders to date.

With proper funding, we can reach our goal of shipping 1,000 Vinchay Rollers, bringing relief to athletes all over the world.  


Bruce develops and implements the strategic plan that drives Vinchay labs, identifying opportunities to broaden the company’s funding base. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Biochemistry from California Luthern University, a Biology, B.A. in Applied Psychology from Azusa Pacific University, and a Certification in Executive Leadership from Cornell.

Chris is one of the founders and main creator of The Vinvhay Roller. Chris has a diverse background in finance including representing some major institutions while Series 7 Licensed. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of Maryland College Park.

Gonzalo heads the sales process and is responsible for implementing the sales strategy. His education includes a Bachelor’s of Arts in Political Science from American University, a Master of Arts in Political Science from Duke University, and a Doctor of Law (J.D.) in International and Comparative Law from the Duke University School of Law.

Matt manages Vinchay Labs’ social media accounts, and also takes a leadership role in sales and marketing. He has a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Green Management from Florida International University.

Contact Information:

Brice Ikoube
Christopher Yi
Gonzalo Molina
Matt Glazar

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