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Sep 3, 2015 4:13 PM ET

Hop, Step and Jump Energy Bars: Systematically designed Energy Bars to Supply, Sustain & Refuel your workout with super foods

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 3, 2015

Hop, Step and Jump Energy Bars

About this project


 The founder of Hop Step Jump, Chef Shashank Agtey, is an experienced Executive Chef who’s had the pleasure of cooking for two Presidents. In addition to cooking, Shashank is a health and fitness expert as well as a culinary educator with a passion for healthy eating. Shashank began running 45 years ago and excelled in the sport. As a chef and athlete, he is dedicated to bringing the highest quality nutrition bars, with the best taste, straight to you.

Hop Step Jump carefully selected five key superfoods for optimal health and performance: Bee Pollen, Maca Powder, Chia Seeds, Cardamom, and Beet Powder.

Hop Step Jump combined ancient knowledge with modern science to formulate nutritional, great tasting products using the highest quality ingredients from around the world.

 Every Hop Step Jump bar is made from all natural, sustainable ingredients. It’s our mission to strive for national excellence by improving the performance of a generation of people through better nutrition and teaching them how to live longer.



  Award-Winning Master Chef and Athlete, Shashank Agtey, has fused his love of cooking healthy, clean, nutritious food with his long-running interest in athletics and training by systematically creating a line of All-Natural, GMO-Free, Gluten-Free Energy Bars specifically designed to Supply, Sustain, and Refuel Energy for your workout.

An “All-American” athlete, Shashank began running over 45 years ago and excelled in the sport. He continues to exemplify a healthy lifestyle through regular participation in marathons all over South Florida. After years of eating energy bars, he decided it was time to create a set of nutritious energy bars with three extraordinarily phenomenal tastes. Each bar is specifically formulated to enhance the performance and experience of working out. The Hop bar supplies energy, the Step bar sustains energy, and the Jump bar refuels energy. 

 This is Shasank’s opportunity to show people what energy bars should taste like. They are made with the highest quality ingredients incorporating power ingredients and super foods such as Bee Pollen, Maca Powder, Chia Seeds, Cardamom, and more. There are no alcohol sugars in any of the bars and every ingredient is folded in – the bee pollen is not crushed, the almonds are whole, the chia seeds are whole, and so on. 

Hop Step Jump will use the funds to produce and manufacture the bars for a wholesale and retail basis targeting fitness, culinary, nutrition, and health food based national chains as well as local businesses. Hop Step Jump will be available on the website (www.HopStepJumpEnergyBars) for ecommerce sales. The brand would also sponsor athletic events and participate in running, obstacle course, and other sports/training related activities. 

Chef Shashank is an active participant in the South Florida area as an avid promoter for various charities. Keeping in line with the spirit of giving back, Hop Step Jump is currently partnered with the University of Florida’s Honey Bee Research & Extension Lab. Shashank plans for proceeds from Hop Step Jump sales to go directly to helping the honey bee, an integral part of our ecosystem that is currently in trouble. By giving back to UF’s HBREL, Hop Step Jump will help them aim to improve the health and productivity of honey bee colonies in Florida and globally by investing in research projects focusing on honey bee husbandry, ecology, behavior, and conservation.

Even if you can’t support with funding, please share this page with your friends and family! Every like, share and follow would mean the world to us! Check out our website, Facebook page (Hop Step Jump Energy Bars), Twitter (@HopStepJumpBars), and Instagram (@HopStepJumpBars). 

Risks and challenges

1.) Costs are locked down – every penny counts and every little bit helps us reach our goal of improving the health and wellness of our world as well as improving the health of the honey bee population.

2.) Quality Control – Hop Step Jump prides itself on providing the freshest, highest quality ingredients. However, with that comes a high cost to import some of our products directly from the countries that produce the best quality ingredient available.

3.) We have shipping and strong lines of distribution in place, portion of funds will go to making this a reality.

4.) Lastly, we are solely dedicated to this project. We have all eyes and our full commitment to making this Energy Bar System work successfully.

Contact Information:

Shashank Agtey
Jamie Caceres

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